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Limited Deck Confusion!

January 19th, 2018

Hello fellow inmates,


It seems that there is some confusion about the Mildred Payne deck editions, so hopefully I will be able to clear up your questions. My fault for not wording things better on a few listings.

The deck had an INITIAL print run of 150 units. We were basically just testing out it out. We never thought it would take off as big as it did. The first print run had an error with the LADDER card, so if you have that printing, congrats! :)

Due to the extremely high (and very unexpected) demand for the deck, we then did another run of 500 and will likely do one or two more runs before pulling the plug. That’s why it is limited, unlike the Deviant Moon Tarot, which is mass produced into the 100,000′s +

*The add on (Mildred’s letter) was an afterthought, and is part of the entire “Theater” associated with Mildred’s world. (BTW–if you own that pack, you know that it is much more than just 15 extra cards :)


(As some wondered, there will be no more additional “Mildred” cards coming, per se, however, she promises to reveal her grand finale (project) in the Spring…if we can find it!


So just to clarify, ALL decks done through Deviant Moon Inc. are limited by nature, as we have many titles that are already OOP. (This also makes the decks VERY expensive for us to produce). The Deviant Moon Oracle and its “Sister” are yet to be released, and those will be done by US Games (MP).

….as for the multiple mutations on some of the decks: that is due to the enormous amount of requests we get to do so. Some we do, like the paradoxicals, and some we won’t , such as larger Mildred cards. (we had a ton of requests for a blue Mildred)

Anyway, here is our print run numbers for the Trionfi della Lunas. I do not number them, however they are all signed unless otherwise noted.

Italian Text (800 copies-Sold Out-OOP)
Italian PARADOXICAL Classic (145 copies-Sold Out-OOP)
Italian Paradoxical BLUE (250 Copies)
Italian Paradoxical PURPLE (250 copies)
French Text (Only 145 copies-Sold Out-OOP)

Paradoxical ROSE (50 copies-OOP)


English…Initial Print Run of 500…(likely to stop between 1000 and 1500)


Hope that answers your questions!

Thanks, as always, for your support!


Patrick Valenza


4 Responses to “Limited Deck Confusion!”

  1. Hernan Says:

    Hi Patrick! I don’t want to ask you about the Deviant moon oracle release date but please, give us some heads up in the near future! I intend to purchase (again) some decks altogether by the Ides of March! Believe me when I say your cards have changed my life! :)

  2. admin Says:

    Hello Hernan.

    thanks for writing…The DM Oracle will be finished this year and then its up to US Games for a release date. Did you join our mailing list for updates? Yes, we start digging on the Ides of march! Beware and be ready!

    Thanks again!

  3. Mark Says:

    I just wanted to congratulate you on the “theater” of the project. I was one of the lucky ones to get a first edition of the cards. It was the creepiness of the back story that interested me, and also the puzzles you included in the project. Well done, indeed! I’ll be keeping an eye on your company in the future. The Deviant Moon art on the tarot cards looks absolutely fabulous and I will very likely be buying the deck for aesthetic reasons alone.

    Looking forward to your continued success.

  4. admin Says:

    Hey Mark…Thank you very much for your support! :) Cheers!

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