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The Books ARE IN!

January 29th, 2016

The books have arrived at US Games! I will be signing all the preorders and will start shipping them all out next week! Big thanks to Stuart Kaplan and everyone at US Games!!!

All NEW Trionfi della Luna Paradoxical Rose Edition. Limited printing of only 75 Royal Copies.

This Majors only deck comes with six additional bonus cards + an ALTERNATE DEVIL Card (30 cards in the pack)

Each collectible deck comes wrapped in metallic paper and is signed by creator Patrick Valenza.

All of our other paradoxically mutated decks have sold out!

This is our FINAL deviation of Trionfi della Luna!




This Just in! Deviant Moon Book Review by Tarot Garden’s Dan Pelletier (

“I’ve used the Deviant Moon Tarot deck, both with and without borders, for the better part of seven years. When it first came out I had questions about some of the minutiae in the imagery. So I corresponded with Patrick Valenza. I was surprised with his willingness to share portions of the story with me and fascinated with what he shared with me.

Those early conversations with Patrick revealed that this was not a deck rushed to market like so many other decks these days, and I was left wanting to know more about how the drawings matured.

Then I began to hear rumors about a book.

On Christmas Eve, the postman dropped off a package. Upon opening it my first thought was, “When US Games Systems does something, they do it right”. It is a stunning book. It’s beautiful. The hardback full-color embossed cover, the weight of the paper – it is a four pound, three hundred forty page adventure for your eyes and mind.

This is the new standard in tarot companion books, and like the deck, it was not rushed to market. You can tell that it was created with love.

This is not just a book that’s about a deck. It is a book that demonstrates the evolution of the Art and the Artist, and it takes us on that evolutionary journey.

This is a book for art students and artists who will appreciate and grow from the shared journey.

This is a book for people who would like to understand the dark and the fantastic.

This is a book for people who love the Deviant Moon Tarot, want to see what’s behind the curtain, and have the rest of the story revealed.

Patrick joyfully recounts his creation process, and how his organic and narrative approach to art is the result of thirty years development. He shows us his edits, the images rejected, and entertains us with the stories of creation.

Please don’t clear off a spot on your bookshelf for this book as it won’t be there collecting dust. Its beauty and the heirloom quality of its content will be appreciated time and time again when left out in the open to enjoy and inspire.”

~Dan Pelletier

Pre-order at

The Oracle Nears…………

December 30th, 2015

Deviant Moon Oracle-888 (Working title) 48 cards-Winter 2016

There is great celebration in the AsYLuM tonight! Our preview copy of the long anticipated Deviant Moon Companion Book has arrived! It is EXQUISITE! I am speechless! US Games really outdid themselves putting this 4lb- 340 page hard covered monster together! So impressed! Wait until you see your copy in person! So worth the wait! I hear the books have boarded ship today and will take about 4- 6 more weeks to reach the states! Big, big thanks to Stuart Kaplan, Paula, Lynn, Bobbie and everyone at US Games! Order yours at

Companion Book Update

December 18th, 2015

Here is the official word from US Games regarding the release date: The book took on even GREATER EPIC proportions during printing….wait until you see what the book looks like post-production. As a matter of fact, I originally posted that the book would weigh a whopping 2 lbs….well how does 4 lbs sound now? This is no skimpy LWB! :) I will be getting some advanced copies mid-November…(I will ship as many as I get to those who pre-ordered)….but the BULK of the books won’t be here until the beginning of January…then I can fulfill ALL of the preorders. I know many put in advanced orders back in the Summer…and I appreciate your patience! TO say thanks, the LuNaTiCs will be adding another BONUS to your long awaited order!
Patrick Valenza

Deviant Moon Inc. EXCLUSIVE! The delightfully dysfunctional “ROYAL MISCHIEF” playing cards will be available on December 1st. ~54 card boxed deck comes signed with two bonus transformation cards. Only at

Just a tiny sample of the corner of BONUS CARD #49 from the 48 card DEVIANT MOON ORACLE (Working title)…EXCLUSIVE to ALL Preorders of the Deviant moon Companion Book….Reserve your 340 full color hardbound SIGNED copy only at

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