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August 2nd, 2017

Good News from the Asylum Brochure……


July 31st, 2017






54 mini sized cards!

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Preorders Ending…..

July 29th, 2017

Preorder slots almost filled for Mildred’s Pocket Oracle!


$28 usd

Scientists Baffled !

July 27th, 2017

Mildred’s Oracle leaves

Asylum scientists baffled!

~The strange BACKS of this perplexing deck of cards have yet to be deciphered!~

We have never seen anything like this before!” reports Dr. Von Skellet; lead Asylum scientist and head janitor.

There MUST be a hidden meaning on the backs of these creepy little cards, but I’m too ugly to figure it out.


Mildred’s Mystery Awaits YOUR Solution…….

Mildred Found AT LAST!

July 19th, 2017

My interview with Trudy Bachner yesterday haunted me through the night!

Unable to sleep, I wandered into the extensive Asylum library hoping to find a cookbook on eel recipes.

I felt an unseen force guide me to a pile of beautifully destroyed books.

On top was an ancient copy of Little Red Riding Hood begging to be opened!

Remembering what Mrs. Bachner said about Mildred looking like a “twisted Little Red Riding Hood”, I grabbed the book and flipped through it eagerly.

Stuck between the rotten pages was an old photo of a strange young lady!

It was Mildred, at last!

A local Valley Park woman has come forward with possible information regarding the identity of the mysterious “Mildred”.

97 year old Trudy Bachner claims that her mother, Melba, worked as a nurse here at the Asylum from 1923 until her untimely death in 1933.

During our interview, Trudy recalled the stories her mother often told about  ”Millie the Red Witch”, who was a young inmate at the time.

“Mother was quite frightened of her.” Trudy explains. “She was certain that Millie had phantom friends and spoke to them through a deck of cards!”

“From what we were told as children, Millie had colorless eyes and bobbed red hair. She also wore a long scarlet cloak.

My sisters and I imagined her to look like some sort of twisted Little Red Riding Hood. Mothers stories gave us plenty of nightmares in those days.”



~Our investigation continues………







A Most Mysterious Find…

July 17th, 2017


While opening up a wall to add additional asbestos, our workers made an unexpected discovery!


Inside the dark hole in the wall, they found a rotted hospital gown.

The name “MILDRED” was written on the inner collar.

Upon further examination of the garment, the workers were surprised to find a small pocket sewn into the underside.

Hidden in the pocket was a tiny deck of cards with strange symbols.

Asylum officials have been scouring records to determine the exact identity of “Mildred”, however, no files exist prior to the great fire of 1933.

At this time, the purpose of these cards and the reason they were hidden remains unsolved.

More details to come as we learn them…




The Asylum has a One of a Kind collection of 5 Secondary Use Playing Cards from its Royal Mischief Pack.

Printed fronts w/ Original brown ink doodles/messages on backs. (Signed)

Cards measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches

Cards come in protective plastic acid-free sleeves.


Only ONE set of 5 cards available!

$28 usd


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