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One Hundred Eleven

January 17th, 2011

NEW Majors only deck— ONLY 111 hand printed copies –Signed/Numbered–WATCH this space……

So many requests already, thank you….Just to clarify:



*****UPDATE 2/5/11 :

~The “111″ will have NO BORDERS~

Here are some very rough sketches of some little demons……there are many just like them running around the cards, causing all kinds of trouble….

Improvised line sketch for “The Lovers”


See the Lovers being made below!



Rough Sketching the “HIGH PREISTESS”



Improvised line drawing for the “Magician”


33 Responses to “One Hundred Eleven”

  1. Eddie Medrano Says:

    I’m watching and waiting……

  2. David Attwood Says:

    How long a wait? Looking forward to the deck!

  3. Debbie Says:

    I always like to see new things here…

  4. Steve Craftman Says:

    If I have my way, only 110 hand printed copies available –Signed/Numbered…

  5. Art Daugaard Says:

    - I´m SO ready for it,,,

  6. Karen Says:

    so many people and so few decks…. want one so badly….. I may have a nervous breakdown waiting and wondering.

  7. Stefan Says:

    watching waiting wanting…

  8. Mina Says:

    OMG, I am so looking forward to this!

  9. Ippy Says:

    I’ve been checking every day! My heart is set on having my own!

  10. Sly Says:


  11. Todd Landman Says:

    Excellent news! Put me in for one!

  12. Todd Landman Says:

    Look forward to this!!!!

  13. Apollymi Says:

    I will take one also ;)

  14. Thalassa Therese Says:

    Darn you, you tease! Dangling it in front of us

  15. Nokomis Says:

    givusaprice, man! i’ll be on at midnight. :D

  16. Stella Luna Says:

    Preorders? All righty then, I am ordering one right now, if I can. Oh the suspense!!!

  17. Erwan Says:

    I wanna preorder for one set too… I’m so looking forward this! Can’t wait any longer …

  18. Amy Says:

    It will probably be sold very soon after the preorder is available, any chance that it will be reprinted in the future some time afterwards?

  19. Galina Says:

    Уважаемый Патрик! А возможно ли сделать заказ в Москву?)))

  20. admin Says:

    Thanks as always, everyone :)

    Hello Galina, Yes, I can ship to Moscow :)

    Hello Amy…this is a handprinted deck of only 111 reprints of this edition:)

  21. SpiCy-JeNN Says:

    Damn u and ur rabbit hole… I\’m obsessed ^_^

  22. Amy Says:

    Hello Amy…this is a handprinted deck of only 111 reprints of this edition:)

    I’ll do my best to preorder it in time, but I do hope if you have any future limited decks they will not be limited to so few copies.

  23. Nokomis Says:

    are you ever going to list a price so i know how much i need to set aside?

    and i have to say that i agree with Amy.. to limit the copies to 111 and drum up so much hype is a bit unfair. i’m beginning to wonder if the price is going to be way too steep to be reasonable. :\

  24. Stacy Says:

    This is a limited edition artist print. It will be a bit pricy. And sadly not all of us will be able to afford it, but we can hope and save :o ) Maybe a bit of information on your printing process soon?

  25. Mina Says:

    Many limited majors only decks that I have seen range from 75-125 dollars, and the ones I saw were a 500 print run, this is only 111. I bet no matter what the final price is, it will be an investment, and I am sure the value will skyrocket once the run is sold out. Count me in no matter what!

  26. Kyle Says:

    Yeah, I agree with Mina. I bet its will be in that price zone, which is good for me. Can we order two, if we are fast enuff?

  27. admin Says:

    Thank you for your interest in this crazy little deck……

    Just some info: There are no plans to “mass” publish this….it is a pet project and I want it to be a very personalized creation.

    There will only be 111 copies. I have had offers …to buy the whole run outright, but I turned it down. It’s not about $$$, it is about imaginative expression and sharing it with you, so I want each deck to go to a special home…Everything is handmade…even the box! (will probably limit the sale to one deck per person)

    The physical “putting together” of the deck is laborious, (printing, cutting)…. but it is a labor of love. Price will probably be around the same price as other limited decks of its type…

    The artwork is pen and ink, with watercolor washes…..I wanted to simplify and improvise…the images are very spontaneous! :)

  28. Sly Says:

    Will the Deviant Moon book be ready about the same time these cards are? Now I’m anxiously waiting for two things. What else do you have in store for us???

  29. Laika Says:

    very fascinating & mysterious ,))

    from russia with love,

  30. Lynne Says:

    I love the count down! See you on the Ides 8:01 EST.

  31. Ellen Green Says:

    Can you tell me what the cost will be for the self-published deck you are releasing on March 15?

  32. Ellen Green Says:

    What will be the price of the new deck?

  33. Marco Libre Says:

    How can I make sure to get one when it will be released. Can I preorder?

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