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Each bottle of “Deviant Moon Graveyard Dirt” is hand scooped from the same graveyards used in the creation of the Deviant Moon Tarot! (Soil is gathered from the cemetery gate area, NEVER from an actual grave!)—As per tradition, a small gift is always left in thanks and for payment to the spirits of the graveyard…..I bury a large stone that I painted to trade some of my energy for theirs, as well as porcelain heads I have made.

Order this UNIQUE CURIO while I still have them available–

Each bottle with spell sheet/ wrapped in widow’s veil!—

LIMITED SUPPLY—–Only $15 usd each (Includes Spell Card and Exclusive Spirit Board Card)












“People have been collecting graveyard dirt for years, and so have I! I thought you might like to own some from the places I have visited. This soil comes directly from the same cemeteries used in the Deviant Moon Tarot! No bad energy ever follows me—I always leave the guardian of the graveyard a nice gift when I leave! (All dirt is borrowed from the gates—never from a grave!)”

At the gates……..

One of my favorite 18th century stones!

I always leave a handpainted rock to trade energies!

I even leave heads!

32 Responses to “Deviant Moon Graveyard Dirt is Back!”

  1. Art Daugaard Says:

    - done…. I just bought myself a Deviant Christmas present,,, I´m very sure I´ll like it…. what a nice person I am….lol… I bet its gonna work magic when combined with the cards… can´t wait to see what it can do… Another brilliant idea from you, Patrick.

  2. Robin Says:

    Love it! Just ordered mine! Like Art D., a little Xmas present for myself. Can’t wait to receive it. Thanks for thinking of this!

  3. Debi Says:

    I wanted to order two, but didn’t want to be a hoarder :)
    Great idea!

  4. Apollymi Says:

    Thank you Patrick :) I look forward to this new source of energy.

  5. Sly Says:

    Just ordered my dirt too. I also was wanting a couple of bottles but decided not to be greedy. I’m looking forward to more of your great ideas, Patrick.

  6. admin Says:

    Thanks so much, everyone! I took a ride back to East Hampton Cemetery today to get a little more dirt. Had a FROZEN day there! Left some real nice painted rocks there, too! I was able to bottle 12 more bottles, so I have them available now as well.

  7. Debbie Says:

    I just ordered mine since I LOVE cemeteries. I can’t help it if some people don’t understand us taphophiles…Lol ;)

  8. Mina Says:

    Mine came in the mail today. I absolutley love it. Thank you for making this neat and deviant keepsake, Patrick.

  9. Art Daugaard Says:

    My bottle of Graveyard Dirt arrived today,,, the size is just right, and the spellsheet made the picture perfect,,,, and I swear I had the strangest sensation when I held it in my hand,,, spooky.
    I´m so happy I got one,,, it is going under the Christmas Tree,,, and what a nice surprise it is going to be,,, :o ) .. a very happy Chrismas to you and your family from me and Denmark.

  10. Steve Craftman Says:

    Perfect timing! My best friend has just asked me to officiate at her handfasting (something I’ve never done before) and this will be the perfect gift for her and her beloved. Well, I’ll have to buy a bottle of tequila or something too… ;-)

  11. Tinkle Says:

    Excuse me.
    I just know your website. (my deck is Deviant Moon Tarot)

    I want to buy Deviant Moon Graveyard Dirt.
    Now, is it available?

  12. admin Says:

    Hello Tinkle, yes I have 3 bottles left :)

  13. mantis Says:

    dude your a bad ass

  14. Kami Robinson Says:

    Thanks Patrick! I just ordered 3. One for myself and two gifts. It’s going to make a great gift set with a Deviant Moon deck! My son, my niece,and I are all going to love them! Very unique and creative, not to mention affordable! Thank you Patrick!

  15. admin Says:

    Thank you, Kami :)

  16. Crates Says:


    We at would like to commission some of your unique artwork for our new design. If this is something you might consider working with us on, we can compensate you at a fair rate for your services and will also retain a space of the site to clearly display that it was in fact your work, and give preferential product placement to your decks as they get released.

    Let me know! 1-855-ATHAMES or (513) 4-HEALER will reach us here.
    ~ Sean McD (co-owner)

  17. Stacy Says:

    Any chance you would consider printing a full size spirit board in future? Would love to ad that to my wall décor. Thanks as always, love the work.

  18. admin Says:

    Hi Stacy…we are trying to develop a full out Spirit board with planchette…if this doesn’t work, I will be making full size prints available :)

  19. Rachel Lauricella Says:

    This is a clever idea. I purchased one for my curio as it seems to be quite necessary for some upcoming workings. You are entrepreneurial on top of creating art. Best combo one could ask for – no brilliant artist deserves to starve :) Thank you again for sharing your creativity. It is received in kind :)


  20. admin Says:

    Thanks for your support, Rachel :)

  21. Gary Pressman. Says:

    Have aquired this wondeful set of cards as a birthday gift from my wife.
    Living in England which has been likened to one giant cemetary I am looking forward to taking these cards to burial mounds,standing stones and dolmens then tuning into this ancient spiritual land. Patrick you are a spiritual genius, thanks for a deeper level in this Tarot world.

  22. admin Says:

    Thank you, Gary :)

  23. Marilyn Lee Says:

    Do you sell the little heads you leave in the graveyards? I love the blue one on this page. Would even be nice hanging from the Graveyard Dirt Bottle. Love your art and ideas. I bet you could really rock a Voodoo deck.

  24. Marilyn Lee Says:

    Love the little blue head in the graveyard. Do you sell them? They would be great hanging on the bottle of dirt. I bet you could rock a Voodoo deck.

  25. Marilyn Lee Says:

    I have been looking for a tarot deck that speaks to me and the Deviant Moon Deck is it. Been a long time looking and I just received the awesome BIG book just put out by Patrick. Thanks, my man. I appreciate all the time and effort you have put in your work. You can certainly tell it. Keep up the cause.

  26. Dr. Marilyn Lee Says:

    Great new deck depicting “Mildred.” You have been busy. Do you sell any of your “heads” you leave in the graveyard Patrick? Loving my two decks and BIG Deviant Moon book. Keep up the good work!

  27. CaneFan014 Says:

    Price says $13 here, but when you try and check out it says $15. Can you fix this glitch please would like to purchase before you run out.

  28. IronMaiden83 Says:

    Price shows $13 here, but $15 on PayPal???

  29. admin Says:

    Fixed. 15 is the correct price

  30. admin Says:

    Fixed. 15 is correct price

  31. Solveig Says:



    Auriez-vous la gentillesse de me ????????????dire où est ma commande (13 nouvelles cartes mildred payne,+ cartes de visite), s’il vous plaît?

    Merci beaucoup.



    92, rue Lucie Dejardin
    4610 Beyne-Heusay
    BELGIQUE ????????

  32. admin Says:

    Hello Solveig …..all preorders will be out of the asylum by tomorrow and wednesday :)

    You should get an email once your pack ships.

    Thanks for writing!


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