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Replacement Cards:
$2 usd each–NAME your card on the checkout page)


Extra LWB (Little WHite Booklet)



59 Responses to “Relax! You’re in mischieviously good hands!”

  1. Esmeralda Says:

    Hi patrick, I lost 5 cards, but I don’t find where I suppose to name the cards that want to buy. Can you orientate me? Thank you

  2. Elisabetha Says:

    I am having the same issue. how do I select the card i am missing so that i may order it?

  3. admin Says:

    Hi Elisabetha, just name the cards you want upon checkout :) Thanks!

  4. magpie Says:

    Hi Patrick
    I just ordered a replacement card via paypal…and it didn’taskme which one! I’d like to have the Wheel of Fortune, pleeeeze.
    Looking forward to the borderless deck!

  5. Fia Says:

    Hello there! Same problem here. Paid with Pay Pal and just need 1 card replaced, Queen of Pents please. Thank you so much! Love your work.

  6. Stacy Says:

    In the checkout proccess, in Paypal, directly under your mailing address is a line that says “Add special instructions to the seller: add” , click blue add to give a comment and tell Patrick what cards you need. Hope this is helpful.

  7. Josephine Says:

    Hi Patrick,

    I know on your site there is an option to buy a new single card if you have lost them. Unfortunately during a stay in hospital my companion booklet got lost. Is there any way I could simply purchase an extra companion booklet? I have been taking some meanings from your facebook page and rely a lot of intuition, but I love to read the artists’ meaning in the accompanying book.

    If you could help in any way it would be massively appreciated.

    Josephine xxx

  8. admin Says:

    Hello Josephine! Thanks for writing, but I am fresh out of LW books :( Look for the giant companion book to be released soon

  9. Emilie Conroy Says:

    I’m adoring working with Deviant Moon! After many different decks, this has come to feel like the proverbial “right” one for me. Unfortunately, my deck did not come to me with a little white book (I got it new and wrapped, so who knows where it wandered off to?). Since I’ve already been using tarot for so long I’ve been applying the methods I already knew, but it’s come to my attention that Deviant Moon has its own special method. So firstly, am I irritating any kind of baleen-toothed evil spirits by just applying previous knowledge? Secondly, is there any location online to suckle at the Deviant Moon teat of card reading wisdom? Other than this, I look forward with great enthusiasm to the purported companion book!

  10. terrormaster Says:

    Hi Patrick, I need the following three cards: The Devil, Wheel of Fortune, and Death. Are any of the white bordered cards still available? Would be nice to have the style match without having to order a new deck.

  11. admin Says:

    Yes, I have extras

  12. Denise Says:

    I’d like to buy another Devil card, but with the blue one on it instead. Is that possible?

  13. Anna Hegtun Says:

    I just attempted to order The Moon card for my deck. I believe I was charged but did not specify which card I wanted. Please contact me via email address provided. — Anna

  14. Mike C Says:

    Hope this replacement card service works still I just ordered one: king of wands. Thank you

  15. Anthony L Says:


    I recently ordered a single replacement card, under paypal. Unfortunately, no entry was provided that I saw to list what the missing card was.

    It’s IX. The Hermit, that I’m missing. Hopefully you can get back to me and confirm the order information! Reach me at the provided email!

  16. Denise Flores Says:

    Hi! I ordered The Fool card a couple days ago and I didn’t specify that I wanted it to be bordered. It’s impossible for me to email you, so I really hope you see this! Thanks!

  17. admin Says:

    Hi Denise,,,got you :)

  18. Raven Says:

    I didn’t loose a card I lost my book. I know most of the cards by heart but it would be nice to have. Is there anywhere I could acquire the book with the meanings?

  19. Nester Says:

    Any updates when you will get the little white book and spread sheets?

  20. Nester Says:

    Any updates on little white book and spread sheet?

  21. Venuska Says:

    Just got my replacement card and it came with some samples of the other decks! Thanks so much!

  22. Megan Says:

    I purchased my Deviant Moon deck over a year ago and it has become my most trusted and intuitive deck. I was wondering if I could purchase The Beast card to add to my deck, even though it was not part of my edition. Is that something that can be purchased via submitting a “lost card” order and indicating that desired card? Thank you!

  23. admin Says:

    Hi Megan, Yes, you can do that :)

  24. Anica Says:

    Hey there ,
    I purchased my deviant moon tarot card deck and everything was covered in plastic the way it is supposed to be however it never came with the ten card spreadsheet. I’d love to have it while I use this tarot deck as the deviant moon has its own way about it. Thanks so much

  25. admin Says:

    hello..the spreadsheet only comes with the premier edition.

  26. Yolanda Nadal Says:

    Hi Patrick,

    Just placed an order for replacement card, however, order went through without my first identifying the 2 of pentacles as the card needing replacement.

    The order was placed through paypal.

    Yolanda Nadal

  27. admin Says:

    Hi yolanda..was the 2 of pents for the borderless deck?

  28. Galen Says:

    Hi Patrick!

    Quick question – I’m a huge fan of DM and use it for both readings and psychic entertainment. I’m in need of having many copies (read as…60?) of only one card. Two questions: Do you have that kind of supply of any one card on hand and 2, is there a chance for a discount if ordering so many of the same? :) Thought I’d give it a shot!

    Cheers, the deck is beautiful.

  29. admin Says:

    Hello Galen. Thanks for writing., wow..60..! No, unfortunately, I only have a few extras of each.

  30. Ty Says:

    Hi Patrick
    Luv the DM deck
    I was wondering do you still have replacement cards I need the five of pentacles
    I have the bordered deck
    What is the procedure for ordering the card
    I saw that there is no where to put the card you want to replace on the ordwer form
    Thank you

  31. admin Says:

    Hello Ty…yes, we have replacement cards…when you order, there should be a comment box or you can just post the card you need here…borderless or bordered

  32. Ty Audrey Christopher Says:

    Hello once again i went ahead and paid for the replcement card but there was no where on the payment slip to say what card i wanted so per the previous inquiry made by Ty i would like the 5 of pentacles with the border.
    Thank you very much it really is wonderful that u do this for us
    Blessings to you and your family

  33. admin Says:

    Thanks…5 of Pents border it is :)

  34. Ty Audrey Christopher Says:

    Great thank you. Just wondering estimated time of arrival.

  35. admin Says:

    Probably mid week

  36. Claire Says:

    I haven’t lost a card, but I found one at the edge of a slightly rain-sodden pile of stuff on a San Pablo Avenue sidewalk in Oakland this afternoon. It is the Deviant Moon’s Hierophant card.
    I will gladly return return it if it was accidentally lost by a soul whose deck is grieving it.
    If, however, it was intentionally dumped by a litterer, weep nest-trashing loser, because I’m keeping it!

  37. Da Mystic Alchemist Breez Says:

    WOWWWWWWWW dear Pactrick V.
    Intuitive artistic mystic extrodinare
    Thankz sooooo much for the prompt delivery of the ‘ fleeing woman
    And as well the ‘plagued star’ and ‘creepy nite’
    They have joined an encore at center stage

    Of my intergrated ‘Tarot Woo’ deck where dreams arnt meant to come true though ‘The Right Now’ exhibitions ones nudity mystic , upon my ‘The Tribal Rune ‘Woo Portal. Thank u again. A. Ery gratefull Da Mystic Alchemist Breez

  38. Vienna Says:

    Hi there! So I think someone sold me my deck without 3-4 of the cards (I was organizing it for fun and realized I don’t think I’ve ever seen some of them) I want to order the Trionfi Della Luna deck and these cards all together – can you combine shipping or are they coming from separate places? XD

  39. admin Says:

    Hi VIenna, yes, we combine shipping. Are you in the US?

  40. Vienna Says:

    Yes I am :) How do I go about ordering the cards + the deck then? For the missing Deviant Moon cards I need them from the bordered edition if possible: Judgement, The World, the Queen of Pents and I would love to have the Beast card if possible :)

  41. admin Says:

    Hi Vienna, You can just order the deck you want, then drop me a message and I will add the cards to your order at no extra charge :)

  42. Vienna Says:

    Oh my goodness that’s so nice of you! Awesome I’ll go order!

  43. Vienna Says:

    Ok, I just ordered and it never gave me a spot to enter instructions (I looked all over) the order was for Emily in Kansas if that helps? Thank you so much!

  44. admin Says:

    Got it! Thanks so much…will include Judgement, The World, the Queen of Pents!

    Shipping in about a week!

  45. Vienna Says:

    Awesome, thank you so much!

  46. Tamara Allredge Says:

    Hi, I have every single one of your decks but I just realized that I lost the art cards numbered 7-10 in both my rose and purple Trionfi Della Luna majors pack. That would be 8 cards if you even have them so could I somehow pay it all together?
    Thank you,

  47. Tamara Allredge Says:

    Ok, I’m a dork. I see that the purple and rose majors didn’t include 7-10 so I’m good. :-)

    Thank you for all of the gorgeous art you create!

  48. Peachess Says:

    Hi Patrick!

    I want to get the French Edition of the Triomphes de la lune deck but I also want the extra devil and extra judgment card from the italian text deck as well as the beast card. Would it be possible to order these extra cards here? I already have the Deviant Moon deck and I absolutely adore it!!


  49. admin Says:

    Hi Peachess….no problem….when you order, just drop me a note so I know its you. :) Thanks!

  50. Peachess Says:

    Hi there!

    I added the Triomphes de la Lune to my card but the extra card only seems to have the “buy now” option, meaning that even though I added the Deck first, the card (I can’t even seem to buy three cards, which is so weird. There is no list of items I bought, only the direct check out option). It says shipping for a single card is 25$ which seems pricey to me (seeing how the deck costs that much shipping and the two shippings should be combined). How can I combine my orders?

  51. admin Says:

    Hi Peachess..not sure, will have to check on that. If you buy the Triomphes deck, just let me know which extra cards you need and we can include them at no extra charge :)

  52. Robert allen Says:

    Hey I just ordered a card on PayPal to hyattsville under my name I didn’t see a box where I could put the card I need I did it on my mobile phone I need the borderless queen of wands please. Here is my receipt number to help you help me 3503086281643085

  53. Jo Says:

    Hello! I have just bought the Trionfi Della Luna deck from you and was wondering if a little white book is available for download? It was mentioned in a review I have just read – – and I would love to read it in anticipation of the deck arriving. So excited as it looks beautiful! Very best wishes to you :)

  54. admin Says:

    Confirmed, Robert. Thanks :)


  55. Robert allen Says:

    Amazing how fast I got them and I got extra cards thanksa bunch will always be fan and loyal customer

  56. Tyson Says:

    Hello, I have owned the deviant moon deck for 5 years now and my spread sheet has become very mangled and is ripping apart. Is there a way to replace it? I am really In love with this deck and would love to have a new spread sheet.

  57. admin Says:

    Hi Tyson…I might have one in the asylum…will get back to you

  58. Nicole Says:

    I just realized upon using my Trionfi della lune for the first time that I am missing the extra Devil card that was supposed to come wrapped up in the package (according to the unboxings that I’ve seen). Is there any way I can get that card?

  59. E Ruiz Says:

    Hiya! I just submitted payment for a replacement card, & unfortunately, Paypal did not offer a space for specifying which card is needed. I’d like a Borderless Edition Devil replacement card, please. Many thanks & love this deck!

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