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April 22nd, 2008

Hello everyone.

I just did an interview with Janet Boyer and the Tarot Channel. Hopefully it gives a little more insight into the creative influences of the Deviant Moon Tarot. Janet is great, and it was an honor to talk with her!

The Deviant Moon will be available in about 4-6 weeks from this post! I hear US customs slows it down a bit, but it is on it’s way VERY soon! I had the opprotunity to see a preview of a printed sheet, and I am SO happy with the colors, clarity, packaging, and EVERYTHING! USGames did such an incredible job!

Thanks again to everyone who might be interested in the deck!

Patrick valenza


  1. Joanne Says:

    Thanks for the update I cannot wait for the Deck to finally be available!!

    Brightest Blessings


  2. barb Says:

    I WANT!

  3. IndigoWonders Says:

    *Might be* interested?!? Of course we’re interested! I pre-ordered your deck practically the minute it was made available and can’t wait for it to be released. Kudos to you again for such a fabulous and unique deck.

  4. General Tisiphone Says:

    Hello Mr. Valenza,

    I use the Deviant Moon deck for very serious readings. He is quite a character, beautifully drawn with a wicked sense of humour. Most diviners are a bit insane, and I am no exception, my copy of your created deck is named “Hector”. (I was hoping for something more mystical or space-agey, but hey, Hector he is!)

    Just wanted to share how much I enjoy him. I hope you will be coming up with a more expanded book to the cards.

    Thank you,

    General Tisiphone

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