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Tonight we operate on Claire.

The Asylum doctors are anxious to discover what Mildred is believed to have hidden inside her beloved doll.


With knife in hand, they prepare to make the first cut…


At last! We have found something inside!


It appears to be a small red envelope in pristine condition!


Inside the red envelope, we have uncovered a bizarre little note written to Claire from Mildred.

(The contents of the note have been censored for your protection!)


…And the GREATEST surprise of all…

Inside the envelope, our team has found

13 previously UNKNOWN cards belonging to Mildred’s Secret Pocket Oracle!


Unfortunately, we cannot reveal all the card images or the contents of Mildred’s letter online!

Instead, our team of trusted janitors will create a faithful reproduction of “Mildred’s Letter”

so you can resolve this mystery in the privacy of your own home!


***Original, full edition of Mildred Payne’s Secret Oracle REQUIRED for this exclusive add-on***

Mildred’s Letter Pack


Only $16 usd




27 Responses to “The Operation……and the discovery!”

  1. Donna Nixon Says:

    Oh Patrick, I am so very excited about the addition to the Mildred deck. I quickly added it to cart. I went through the process of paying when the shipping cost came up. Aack! It would cost more to ship then the actual extra cards would cost. Sadly, I cannot justify this cost.
    Cheers to you with regards, donna

  2. Bonny Says:

    I only got the email today and you’re sold out? Please put me on a lit to get the additional MP cards?

  3. admin Says:

    Hi Donna, thanks! Yes, unfortunately, shipping overseas is a killer these days….I wish we had a better solution for internationals

  4. Judy Says:

    Hi! I purchased Mildred’s Oracle. It was a pre-order. How do I get these additional cards? What is the charge? I love this little deck!

    Thank you,


  5. Joan Says:

    Are there any available still? If so, how much is shipping to Texas?

  6. admin Says:

    Yes, we have them still…shipping package to Texas is only 3.95

  7. admin Says:

    Hi Judy…these 13 previously unknown cards are only $13 Thanks for your support :)

  8. Michelle Says:


    I’ve moved and tried to change my email in PayPal but it’s being unhelpful and keeps reverting to my old address. Is there a way I can give you my correct address for shipping?

  9. Cynthia Taylor Says:

    I am curious about the Secret Oracle which states their is a first run limited to 150. Is this information old? How many print runs have their been, since this new add on is 333 and you have to have already bought the Secret Oracle?? I bought both, but now I am wondering how you know what edition of the Secret Oracle one has?? Thanks, I am confused

  10. admin Says:

    Hello Michelle,

    yes. Just email after you order and we will change your address in our records :)

  11. admin Says:

    Hi Cynthia, yes, the initial print run over the summer was only 150. Those sold out in less than a day, to our surprise. We then had to order in batches of 500, but there was a few weeks before they came in. We are up to our 7th print run, as these decks are flying out of the asylum faster than we had anticipated. The letter packs will ONLY have 333 copies, so they are rather scarce and are going fast, as well. Thanks for asking :)


  12. Cher Says:

    Hello, can you please sent me an invoice via PayPal (XXXXXX) for the 13 additional cards as I am having difficulty purchasing. I am located in Florida and have the limited edition pocket edition.

    Thank you!

  13. admin Says:

    Sure thing. Thanks Cher

  14. Dan Says:

    I can’t wait to order the addon mildred deck, I sent a couple emails to you for order confirmation for my original purchase of the mildred payne deck 11/3, my paypal receipt had no order number on it, but I forwarded the receipt to the, just looking for order confirmation info and shipping data please, thanks -D.

  15. admin Says:

    Hi Dan, yes we sent you an email confirming. Thanks! Shipping now

  16. Dan Says:

    I’m so stoked for my oracle deck; just like the fire at Fenwood- that I ordered the add-on too! Sweet creepy Mildred has stirred the coals in my heart, but poor Clair had open heart surgery… I hope she recovers. I’m sorry to bother you fine folks again but I was curious, how do you ship the decks, UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.- I just wanted to know so I knew where to look in my building for the shipment. Thanks for creating such wondrous and delightfully macabre art; Patrick you see through the Veil- and I anxiously await the 444 deck (or will it be 888) -my best friend has given me all of the released teasers over the years, they are inspired! Thanks Again! Eerily, -D.

  17. admin Says:

    Thanks Dan, Claire is a bit immortal, so she should fare well…….our imps send all items USPS :) Thanks for writing! ~Luna

  18. Jeri Wagner Says:

    Hi, I ordered Mildred’s Letter several days ago but have not received an email confirming the order. Where on the site can I go to confirm the order?

  19. admin Says:

    Hi Jen, yes, we have you down…the pack ships on Nov 22…we will email you once it goes out. Thanks for your support!

  20. Diane Says:

    Hi, I am trying to follow up on an order I placed for this. I haven’t seen any confirmation and haven’t received a response to my email inquiry. Thanks in advance for your clarification.

  21. admin Says:

    Hi Diane. Thanks for your support. Yes we received your order and your package will ship starting November 22. Regards, Luna

  22. Mia Says:

    Wouldn’t it be possible to send it as a letter? I am totally in love with the oracle and would love the expansion, but shipping is more pricey than the expansion itself and I was wondering if there would be any other way :D

  23. admin Says:

    Hi Mia, yes overseas shipping is a bit expensive…wish it were not so. Mildred’s letter is a bit “thicker” than a regular letter. Without giving away any spoilers, it needs to be shipped in a little box.

  24. Mia Says:

    Totally get it! No worries, USP makes no sense, it costs a fraction to send the same thing in reverse!

  25. Mia Says:

    Caaause… I was thinking, leaving the fancy behind and sending just the cards is not a thing, right? :P

  26. Anita M Stewart-Wallen Says:

    How can I find out if my Mildred Payne Expansion/Booster pack has been mailed?
    Thanks in advance.

  27. admin Says:

    Hi Anita, Just email us at with your paypal transaction # and we can check

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