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Young Mildred is thought to have created her childlike yet fascinating oracle circa 1928 while a patient at Fenwood Asylum.

*(Her father committed her into the facility, believing her to be insane for talking with imaginary friends.)

While at Fenwood, Mildred never stopped contacting her “friends” with her handmade oracle.

*(Fellow inmates called her “Millie the Red Witch”)

Mildred kept her tiny deck hidden from authorities in a secret pocket.

*(Although her fate is unknown to this day, some think Mildred perished in the Great Asylum Fire of 1933. Others are convinced she started the blaze!)


In honor of this Mildred’s rediscovered deck, the Asylum is offering this

exclusive LIMITED EDITION reproduction for YOUR “Secret Pocket”!

54 Mini Sized cards (1.75” x 2.5” (44.45mm x 63.5mm))


$28 usd (Ships WORLDWIDE!)





28 Responses to “Mildred Payne’s SECRET POCKET ORACLE”

  1. Madame Gia Says:

    Mildred made me do it…

  2. Tierney Says:

    I have no idea what—if any—of this is true, but you have most certainly outdone yourself this time, Patrick. I have worked in advertising for 30 years and yet your pitches never fail to entice me.

  3. selkie Says:

    I hope a copy of the story is included?

  4. admin Says:

    Wow, thanks, Tierney :)

  5. Madam Sly Says:

    Got mine ordered. And thanks so much for making it a “tiny” deck. I love small decks that I can carry in my handbag and go with me wherever I go. Besides which, the deck itself looks great.

  6. Felix Lizarraga Says:

    Ordered! Mildred deserves her own book (even a smaller, PDF one). I hope she eventually gets it.

    An irresistibly twisted little deck, born of an irresistibly twisted campaign.

  7. Jeffrey Leonard Says:

    Is this real? Ordered the deck though… it’s beautiful..

  8. Lloyd G. Says:

    Kelly at The Truth in Story just posted an unboxing and walk-through of this deck. I’m only part way through her video, but I had to stop and order this deck immediately. I can’t wait to see what secrets Mildred will share with me. Very Cool deck.

  9. Mette Says:

    I had to order this awesome deck! You really have outdone yourself. I love the “history” behind it too :)

  10. Jim Says:

    Just ordered Mildred Payne’s Secret pocket Oracle. I already own The Deviant Moon Tarot and the companion book. I LOVE this deck. I’m going to order the borderless version along with Tronfi Della Luna next.

  11. Dom Says:

    Just ordered the deck and was wondering what the shipping time is (US shipping)? So excited to get this deck! Thanks!

  12. admin Says:

    Helo Dom..all orders are in the mail…should get it any time now . Thanks!

  13. Crystal Moon Says:

    Can’t wait to get his deck. I loved it when you showed it at the class at Soul Journey…

  14. admin Says:

    Thank you, Crystal Moon :)

  15. Staci Newring Says:

    Hello, I pre ordered this deck and the order was put on my charge but I have not recieved it yet.

  16. Hope Says:

    So here I am, Googling like a fiend, trying to dig deeper into this “backstory.” I give you credit for an ingenious marketing campaign. I do *love* everything about this deck though. It’s better than I could have imagined.

  17. Staci Newring Says:

    I am wondering who I can speak to check the status of my order. I could not find a phone number on the website or email address.

  18. admin Says:

    Staci, you can email us at

  19. admin Says:

    Staci..please contact us at with your transaction #

  20. admin Says:

    Thanks, Hope…Mildred sends her love…………….

  21. Krista Fournier Says:

    Oh my goodness, I just received my Mildred Oracle deck in the mail today, and it got here so quickly! I just ordered it a couple days ago! I am extremely pleased once again with Deviant Moon. I own the DM Tarot as well, and I just have to say both decks are absolutely amazing. He really outdid himself with the Mildred Payne Oracle too. It just blows my mind how fun it is to use! I can’t wait to be able to use it with clients eventually! Thank you so much, and keep up making amazing decks!

  22. Michael Says:

    I tried this Oracle and absolutely delighted! Do you have discount on volume purchase? I may need more than 10

  23. admin Says:

    Hello Michael. Yes, we offer discounts of orders over 10. Please contact Luna at for details. Thanks!

  24. Brandon Says:

    Beautiful deck and interesting story behind it. I purchased immediately. My wife (a medium) warned me not to get it since she is VERY receptive to spirits but I am stubborn and I connect with the twisted side of things I didn’t listen to her. Upon receiving the deck I fell in love with it. A week later my wife saw the picture of Mildred on the guidebook and she instantly came through. My wife knew nothing about her story and called out the major points expressed on this site regarding her story with extra details. She is a very troubled spirit still connected to this world. She kept persisting on us to find her box of things that she left behind at the asylum. She also brought up a demonic presence in a doll that she found comfort in talking to. My wife was very disturbed by Mildred and refuses to talk about her if I bring it up. I have since rid the deck of my possession. I enjoyed my readings with the deck while I had it. I highly recommend it :)

  25. kris foley Says:

    Is there a way to reserve the Mildred Payne and the letters until the 22nd? I was ready to buy today using paypal pay after delivery, but now that option is gone.
    Kris Foley

  26. admin Says:

    Hi Kris, sure, we can do that. Would you rather us send you a paypal invoice and you can pay whenever you’re ready?

  27. Cheryl Savino Says:

    is the regular size deck available anywhere?

  28. admin Says:

    Hi Cheryl, this reproduction is the exact size of Mildred’s original handmade deck :)

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