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Full 2017 catalog from Deviant Moon Inc. now available! Click the banner to enter our broken down shoppe!

5 Responses to “Deviant Moon Inc. FULL CATALOG 2017”

  1. joan elmore Says:

    How do i order? I want the book and a deck… signed.

  2. admin Says:

    Hello Joan…just add both to your cart and you can order that way :)

  3. ben Says:

    Good afternoon : ) are you going to come out with the book for the Trionfi Della Luna? I followed the link on the card that came with the deck and it sends me to a page that says it’s being worked on and to check back in a week. it’s been a few weeks now. Is there a second link for the internet book or have you came out with a tangible book for it since the time of the Trionfi Della Luna’s birth? I’ve been using other tarot books but it just doesn’t seem authentic. Tarot mainly uses the same formula and that’s what I like about your word is that it doesn’t fit that formula in a traditional way. I’d like to use the deck I’m just I’m still stuck to the books while my intuition strengthens and while I’m learning the tarot formula/code ALSO what are the 10 cards that come along extra within the packaging of the deck? 10 oracle cards? we are going deeper and deeper into the moon’s intuition with these 10 cards, I think. no? here’s hoping for a book for the Trionfi Della Luna

  4. admin Says:

    Hi Ben, we hope to have a guidbook online soon…we were delayed with other deadlines and have not been able to work on it. Thanks for your patience

  5. ben Says:

    I’ve been piecing together meanings of the Trionfi deck from other sources — ultimately the true meanings rest behind the veil. I’m still learning so this is really good practice for my studies. I have a question though..with the cabinet cards and I believe the Trionfi deck are numbered cards that have no apparent order to them. For instance “the twins” “the beast” “the madwoman”Revenge”"The Plant” “the Cyclist”…are these a part of a larger oracle? I’m not sure where they belong so currently they have no home. ANY suggestions from the admin or from others are welcome. They’re just a tad smaller than the bordered deviant deck so I can’t put them in with them. They are elements that fit between the 78 cards of the tarot — lost souls belonging to an ambiguous new suite. I absolutely love them. As someone who is more experienced than I am is feeling altruistic today and I know I’ll get a sense of direction with these original and beautiful cards

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