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Trionfi della Luna EXPANDED edition consists of 90 antiquated cards:

This deluxe Italian text collection consists of a full 78 major/Marseilles styled minor arcana along with

10 bonus oracle cards and an alternate “Tower” card.

(Boxed, wrapped in antique gold paper and signed.)


You will receive an email once your deck leaves the Asylum.



71 Responses to “FINAL 25 COPIES! Trionfi della Luna EXPANDED Italian Text -”

  1. Ben Says:

    Ordered my set and looking forward to receiving it :)

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Ben! Ships between Nov 18 and Dec 1 :)

  3. Tim Barrow Says:

    Are you going to reralease the English majors only again or a English text version of this one. But I did pre-order this one so cool

  4. Amanda Says:

    So excited for this deck. A beautiful mix of history and strange. ☺️

  5. The Other Pat Says:

    Pat, you entered the date in the post as 2015… Is your wp server wrong, or have you mastered predicting the past?

  6. Vienna Says:

    Will the alternate Devil card be included as well?

  7. Stephanie Prinz Says:

    Just ordered, so excited! Hope it will find its way across the ocean safely :)

  8. admin Says:

    Hi Tim..English comes out around March :)

  9. admin Says:

    Hi Vienna…no, the alternate Devil came only with the Majors edition..OOP

  10. Kritsada Says:

    I would like to order 1 x Trionfi della Luna EXPANDED edition consists of 90 antiquated cards.
    I’m in Thailand. I think this is not in shipping list.
    Thank you,

  11. George Says:

    How I can preorder this one? I can’t see any link…


  12. Terre Says:

    For those of us who already ordered the major arcana set, will we be receiving a box so we can put all of them in one place with the minors only set?

  13. admin Says:

    Hello, Terre…No box comes with the minor pack..printing costs are too high for such a low print run on this deck..we are only doing 100 units…the full deck will have a box, however…just how everything worked out :)

  14. admin Says:

    Hi George…are you able to see the add to cart buttons? If not, maybe try out another browser :)

  15. George Says:


  16. Dave Says:

    hi, i just placed an order but typed in the wrong shipping address. I sent you an email with the receipt number and correct address. is that the best way to edit that? I didn’t see anywhere to an edit a order. thank you!

  17. admin Says:

    Thanks Dave…all set :)

  18. Violet Says:

    Is there any way to get both alternate devil and tower cards when ordering the full deck?

  19. admin Says:

    Hi Violet…we were thinking of adding the old extra devil card in the full deck as a surprise bonus, but don’t tell anyone ;)

  20. Barnabas Says:

    I cannot tell you how excited I was to find out I could preorder the full deck! Though I was curious if you would ever or are release an English version as well, like you did for the majors.

  21. Sharon Says:

    Patrick, is the alternate Tower card included in the minors only pack, as well?

  22. Tatjana Says:

    What is shipping price to Europe? Thank you.

  23. admin Says:

    25 usd to EU

  24. admin Says:

    YEs, the alternate devil is in the Minors as well as the alternate “Tower”

  25. Sharon Says:

    Thanks, Patrick! Glad to hear you’re also including the alternate Tower card for those of us who already have the Majors-Only deck. Will be ordering the Minors-Only (have 4 of them) deck as soon as I’m able to…the USD-Canadian exchange is going to be a killer for me.

  26. Sarah Martin Says:

    Hi Patrick, I put in my pre-order last night, November 7. I didn’t get an email confirmation so I just wanted to make sure my order went through.

    Thanks, Sarah

  27. admin Says:

    Hi Sarah…yes, we have you down…we didn’t send confermations, but we will email you once your deck ships in about 2 weeks :) Thanks for your support!

  28. Sumaya Says:

    Any chance to buy the borderless Deviant Moon & the Trionfi together for international orders with shipping for $25?

    Paypal wants $69 for shipping, that’s a bit …. much.

  29. admin Says:

    Hello…yes, we can combine the two decks for 25 shipping international…the 69 is a glitch we had since the book started shipping…for some reason it defaults to that price with orders over 40. Fixing it now, but you can request an adjusted invoice from

  30. Kritsada Says:

    I would like to order 2 x Trionfi della Luna EXPANDED edition consists of 90 antiquated cards.
    But shipping fee is $200 for my country.

  31. admin Says:

    Hello, Kristada….shipping internationally for 2 decks is only 25 usd. (We had a glitch in the paypal settings) Can you contact us at so I can get your email and send you the adjusted invoice? Thanks, as always, for your support!

  32. Augusta Stewart Says:

    hi I ordered a deck a couple of weeks ago…I do have to cancel my order-but I see kno where on your website-any place to do that thank you

  33. admin Says:

    Hello Augusta. please contact us at

  34. Victoria Err Says:

    Oh… I really wanted to buy, but in the choice of delivery in Russia, unfortunately, not very adequate postage – $ 400 :(

  35. admin Says:

    Hello Victoria…Shipping to Russia is 25 usd :)

  36. Victoria Err Says:

    But the sistem says other information.
    How, in such a case, place your order?
    My e-mail:

  37. admin Says:

    Hello Victoria…we can send you a paypal invoice with the correct shipping of 25. Would this be good for you?

  38. Vicky Rosemeyer Says:

    I just received my Trionfi Della Luna deck today, and I LOVE IT!!! This is an excellent deck! I have the borderless Deviant Moon Tarot deck, and love that too! I simply love Patrick’s work! I have a collection of 500 decks over my 40 year period of collecting and Reading Tarot cards. Patrick’s work is so very original! I am looking forward to his Oracle deck, and will be buying that as well. I just wonder if there is a Lenormand deck perhaps in the future??? Thank you for producing such fine decks! The cards handle so easily! I am so pleased with my purchase, and the shipping was like greased lightening! Very quick! I will be doing more business with you in the near future!

  39. admin Says:

    Thank you, Vicky :)

  40. Josephine Says:


    I just ordered this lovely deck and I am wondering if it is a preorder like it says somewhere on the page or if these are already available? If they are a pre-order is there an idea of when these will ship out? Just a rough estimate?

    Thank you :)

  41. Josephine Says:

    One more question…

    Are the meanings of the minor arcana based on the traditional marseilles type decks or are the minor arcana meanings more similar to the rider-waite smith decks? I have never owned a marseilles deck before so I am just wondering how to interpret it.

    Thanks again.

  42. admin Says:

    Hello Josephine….Your Italian text deck went out this morning :)

  43. admin Says:

    Hello Josephine..these are based on the Marseilles system :)

  44. Josephine Says:

    Yes, thank you! It says it is arriving on Monday! I am very excited!!

    I downloaded a Marseille book to help me decipher the deck. Will there be an official book for this one later similar to the beautiful Deviant Moon Book?

    This will be very interesting as my first Marseille deck which is very funny since Deviant Moon was my very first RWS! I’ve been collecting ever since and definitely plan to own all Patrick’s future decks :)

  45. Mary Says:


    I ordered this deck like over six months ago but your site still has no meanings for the extra Oracles cards.
    I can figure out the Marseilles meanings on my own but I need to know what the Oracle cards meanings are.

    Can you help?


  46. Morrigan Says:

    Hi there, I have received the french version of this an I just love it. Thanks guys

  47. Megan Says:

    I have already purchased the majors (in English) when they were first available for preorder. I would like to complete the deck with the minors. Is it possible to just purchase the minors? Thanks.

  48. NguyenKhacDung Says:

    Hi you,

    I’m Vietnamese, could you ship this Item to VN?
    Let me know the shipping fee to Vietnam?
    Thank you!

  49. admin Says:

    hello, yes, shipping to VN is 25 usd

  50. Antonia Gardiner Says:

    Hello! I am torn between two decks. The original Deviant Moon and this one. I just have a couple questions.

    Stylistically, I prefer this antiquated look. However, I fell in love with the gypsy on the II of Pentacles in the Deviant Moon deck. Is the II of Pentacles of the Trionfi della Luna more or less the same as the card in the Deviant Moon deck, but in the antiquated style?

    Also, is the full 90 card deck available in English, or is it Italian only?

    I plan to purchase both decks someday, but I’m very poor right now and can only afford one when i get paid again.

    Thank you.

  51. Maciej Lorenc Says:

    will there be an English edition?

  52. Laura L Says:

    I adore the Trionfi della Luna and Triomphes de la Luna decks! I was wondering if the little white book for them would be available to download soon. Thanks so much!

  53. Gloria Says:

    Ordered on Wed. and received the deck today. Thanks for getting it out immediately and to the USPS for delivering it early. Great deck. It is going to be a lot of fun.

  54. admin Says:

    Thanks, Gloria!

  55. Jamie Payne Says:

    Just ordered this deck and I can’t wait to receive it. I love all of your hard work!!!

  56. Chainsaw Kitten Says:

    I’m very depressed about Shiva, so decided to do some shopping. Saw this on YT, and was wondering, who prints this deck? Is it USGames, meaning can I expect similar card stock? And if so, is USGames printing it in Italy or in China, because there is a huge difference…


  57. Chainsaw Kitten Says:

    I forgot to add in my above comment, is the cardstock the same as the 2nd printing of the Deviant Moon? I have the first printing, done in Italy, and the second, which was printed in China. Prefer the latter.

  58. admin Says:

    hello ChainsawKitten…These are self produced. The cardstock is not as thick as the China DM, but the quality is excellent, as is the lamination…Many have told me how much they love the feel of the cards……nothing at all like the Italian printing

  59. Chainsaw Kitten Says:

    Thank you! Sounds good.

  60. Alena Says:

    Please help me to buy these wonderful cards!
    The PayPal system gives me the message: sorry, unable to complete purchase at this time.
    Send me a paypal invoice with delivery in Russia
    My e-mail:

  61. Pam Sacknea Says:

    I just received my deck, and I am totally in love with it. I have the Deviant Moon, and the Deviant Moon Borderless, and adore them, so when the Trionfi Della Luna was brought to my attention I was all over it. It’s truly beautiful. I was a bit puzzled though, as in the box I got the 78 tarot cards, the 10 oracle cards (love them!), and two what I presume are extra Tower cards (they say Il Fulmine instead of La Torre) – they are both the same card (not the same as the one in the deck), so I wondered if an extra was put in the box in error, as what is listed in the description on site adds up to 89 cards and notes that there is one alternate Tower Card. But then I wondered what the 90th card should be, and discovered an extra Devil card outside of the box – two, really, one which is the blue version, and one regular one, which I assume is from the majors only version of the deck. So that was quite exciting. :) There was also a High Priestess card from the Deviant Moon deck, which I loved since the High Priestess is my card. :) Anyhow, from all of this babbling I want to say how much I love all of your decks (including Mildred’s Oracle and her Letter cards), and I am looking forward to the new oracle deck. Thank you for the prompt shipping and the excellent quality of your products.

  62. admin Says:

    Thank you, Pam!

  63. Joyce Says:

    Hello, want to order the Trionfi Della Luna, do you have a few left in stock? I am confused about the pre order subscribers price? Thank you

  64. admin Says:

    Hi Joyce, yes we have them in stock now :) Thank you

  65. Joyce Says:

    Hello again, would you know approximately how long it takes fordecks to reach Canada? West? Trying to figure out timelines in travel schedule?

  66. admin Says:

    Hi Joyce…Not sure on the time frame, but we estimate about a week to reach Canada. Which decks did you need? We would ship right away!

  67. Thomas Taylor Says:


    I love your deck. I ordered one of those deluxe Trionfi della Luna sets. Hope my order got thru with only 25 left. I regularly use the standard deviant moon. Am looking forward to it. Love your art. Did my order go through

  68. admin Says:

    Hi Thomas, yes, we have you down :) Thanks so much!

  69. George Says:

    please send me a paypal invoice for 1x trionfi dela luna italian 90
    to be shipped to China.

    Thank you

  70. Mark Victor Rankine Says:

    I am interested in purchasing 2 decks of the above. Is the still stock left for me? I live in Singapore. Do you deliver here? Please reply to me. I really like your Trionfi Della Luna EXPANDED Italian Text deck. I wish to purchase 2 decks please.

  71. Mark Victor Rankine Says:

    I do wish if you could make more for 2018. I really love your art work. It’s so beautiful. Please make more so I can purchase them. They are the best tarot cards I have ever seen. Thanks
    Regards Mark Victor.

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