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The long awaited Deviant Moon Companion Book!

This MASSIVE  FULL COLOR 340 page HARDCOVER book took nearly 3 years to write and 2 years to edit and produce.

The book gives detailed stories behind each card as well as in depth upright and reversed meanings.

It also explores behind the scenes and goes into the creation of the imagery. (Sketches and backstories GALORE!)

Each copy comes signed inside by creator Patrick Valenza along with a unique ink moon doodle…..

ALL orders also include card #49 from the  upcoming 48 card DEVIANT MOON ORACLE (2016)


We will email you once your book ships.

(Book measures 8×10.5 inches and weighs a whopping 4.lbs!)

Limited time:  $39.95 usd (Ships Worldwide)


ALL ORDERS also include card #49 from the  upcoming 48 card DEVIANT MOON ORACLE (2016)

ALL ORDERS also include card #49 from the  upcoming 48 card DEVIANT MOON ORACLE (2016)

35 Responses to “NOW SHIPPING! Deviant Moon Book”

  1. Nick Says:

    I was really looking forward to the companion book and can’t wait to get one !
    However the shipping cost is killing me. The shipping is literally more expensive than the book to ship in Canada. :S

  2. admin Says:

    Yes..the weight and size of the book push it over the edge with shipping. Can’t be helped. We actually undercharged for international shipping by almost 40usd each for several months!

  3. Tatyana Says:

    Shipping cost to Russia unreal (700 usd). Is this mistake?

  4. admin Says:

    Hello…We have much trouble shipping to Russia…many packages get lost. Actuall shipping to Russia for the book is 75usd because of the weight (almost 5 lbs) If still interested, contact us at Thanks

  5. melissa Says:

    Hi Is the companion book in stock ? When I go to add to cart it says pre order ?
    Any idea when it will be in stock again ? thanks !!

  6. admin Says:

    Hello…they are in stock again :)

  7. melissa Says:

    thank you for your reply but I must ask why is shipping more then the book ? 10lbs of glass shipped cost less !!

  8. admin Says:

    CHeck for yourself…5 lbs overseas ranges between 59-74 depending on the country

  9. Heidins Says:

    Is the 48 card Deviant Moon cards available now or or those still on the way? just a little confused at the moment.

  10. admin Says:

    hello..card 49 comes exclusively with all signed book orders :)

  11. keith Says:

    Just ordered two signed copies.

  12. admin Says:

    Thanks, Kieth..shipping now :)

  13. Era Shevtsova Says:

    Hi Patrick,
    I am trying to place an order but no luck and I can not contact you via your “contact me” link as your email is not working and my messages keep returning “failure notice”. Could you help me with my order please? Thank you!

  14. admin Says:

    Hi Era….you can contact me at

  15. Marco Says:


    my address has changed so I need my order to be updated. Could you please help me on the issue? I’ve tried to write you to the e-mail address provided but it seems not to be active.

    Many thanks

  16. admin Says:

    Marco….You cancelled your order 6 months ago and did a chargeback, if you recall

  17. WICKED Says:

    I do not see where I can purchase the 48 card deck of Deviant Moon, please help.

  18. admin Says:

    the Deviant Moon Oracle is not out yet :)

  19. ape Says:


    I want to know whether this book is sold separately from the deviant moon deck or not.


  20. admin Says: can buy them separately

  21. JP Says:

    Hi Patrick.
    This week I received the deviant moon companion book in my mailbox which I’m reading right now. I’m in Portugal but energies just seem to flow freely upon space & time. I’m enjoying every page and every texture of the beings of the city. Thank you for showing us how you fought our own inner deamons. I used to have such kind of dreams until one day happened that I forgot all my dreams – the good ones and the least good ones which now I enjoy remembering.

    A recurring nightmare I used to have but I’m not able to draw it the way it should: – I’m running up the hill trying to catch my mom and my aunt. When they get to the top they say jump to this side. Between me and them just a little slit with no end, I can’t see if it is too high or not but when I try to jump this little 1 inch slit I fall. Each day I was falling even further until the day I looked down and a blue blue river was wainting for my arrival. I never touched the river but I know I was dead. This was like in cowboy time. People were dressed like cowboy woman used to dress in America in those times. The landscapes were of a orange…ish brown. No trees…

    It reminded me your “death in circus” dream… portraited in strenght card (I think).

    Sorry for bad spelling :)


  22. Molly Says:

    When will pre-orders be ready for the Oracle deck fixin’ to come out? Also, how long does shipping take to Texas?

  23. admin Says:

    Hi molly..No date on the Oracle yet…shipping to Texas is just a few days :)

  24. Joan Says:

    Do you offer the book and tarot cards in a set deal?

  25. admin Says:

    Yes…..They would be book 39.95 deck 30 with 10 shipping…We can send an invoice if you send your email to

  26. Violet Says:


    When available, will the Deviant Moon Oracle include this card 49, or is the card only included with this signed book deal? I’m asking because you say there’s only 48 cards in the upcoming oracle..

  27. Dranorter Says:

    Hello, I tried sending an email but it says the account is over quota.

    I would like to purchase this book in electronic format if there is any way. I love the deviant Moon deck and I’m very curious what the book says.

  28. admin Says:

    Hello..only the hardcover is available :) ..anyway, you really won’t get the same energy with a digital version…you need to hold this baby in your arms!

  29. Vicky Rosemeyer Says:

    I was gifted this book, and I simply LOVE it!!! Heck, I love all of Patrick’s work! This book is nothing like other Tarot guidebooks out there, I have tons of books from over the years, and this one is very refreshing! I love the fact that Patrick shares his memories and his sketches from when he was a child all in this book, that will last a lifetime! I am so happy it is in hardback! Once I started reading it, I find I can’t put it down! Great job Patrick! I am so happy that somebody thought enough of me to buy me this book! I was just about ready to buy it myself, anyway! ;) Honestly, it is worth every penny. Thank you Patrick! For publishing this guidebook, and your decks. They do open a whole new world for a person.

  30. admin Says:

    :) Thank you very much, Vicky:)

  31. Nathan Says:

    I’m waiting in Darwin, Australia for my deck,book, and two sets of playing cards! I feel like a kid with anticipation! Only 70usd shipping…. Bargain! Really glad I found you online. Saw just a photo with no information and hunted! Happy days!

  32. Freakwtat2 Says:

    Can u contact me in regards to ur cards and meaning or do u have another place for private contact to answers questions I have by chance sir.

  33. Javier Betancourt Says:

    Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to get a Spanish-language version of your book, or if you are planning to publish in Spanish, for us your Latin American Hispanic followers, who wish to benefit from your knowledge and your art. Thank you.

  34. magali Says:

    Is there any french translation available or to be issued ?

  35. admin Says:

    hello magali. none that I know of. you can always check with US games to ask.

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