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Just one of 30 frightening Cabinet Cards from the Cartes de Visite Collection


Back by popular request…Straight from the Asylum Attic!

Patrick Valenza’s haunting CARTES de VISITE

(Limited availability)

30 disturbing cabinet styled cards measuring 2.75 x 4.75 inches

Wrapped and signed in silver on black funeral  paper






20 Responses to “Patrick Valenza’s “Cartes de Visite” are back!”

  1. Michael Dwyer Says:

    Wow. I guess ordering these things as soon as they’re available isn’t always the best idea. ;)

  2. admin Says:

    Supply and demand :)

  3. Casper Jansen Says:

    These cards are insane and freaked me out, when I recieved them. This is only meant positive, because they are the stuff that nightmares are made of, and I got in to a lot of atmosphere looking at them late night with only candles lit around me. Highly recommended!!

  4. Juliet Says:

    This look wonderful! How long is the sale going to last? Definitely going to buy <3

  5. Yolande Says:

    Hi. I’ve just ordered these cards. They look super awesome and scary at the same time!!! Where can I find more information about this deck, ie. how to use it, etc.? Also, I live in Australia – how long does delivery take? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Yolandé

  6. Lisa Says:

    Hello. Any chance of these cards making a comeback?

  7. admin Says:

    yes, we have been getting many requests..stay tuned :)

  8. Vaishu Says:

    These are so,so beautiful..Please bring them back?

  9. admin Says:

    We will have them again in September :)

  10. Shellee Says:

    These are FABULOUS! Any chance of a pre order or waiting list?

  11. admin Says:

    Hi Shelly…They will be out again in August :)

  12. Jaime Says:

    Have these been re-released yet? I simply must have a copy :)

  13. admin Says:

    Hi Jaime..these will be out again in a few weeks :)

  14. Brad Says:

    These look like they’d give me the creeps, so of course I want some.

    They kind of look like those old Victorian funeral cards.

  15. Gabrielle Says:

    I just got my copy, very clever, surprised you didn’t use any of the actual dead people portraits that the Victorians took as these have been making the rounds on Pinterest for a while. Certainly clever! Fits right into the zeitgeist of the carte de vista of old. Next time I have a soiree I will be putting them out on display, Halloween party sounds perfect

  16. RSLancastr Says:

    What, pray tell, are “cabinet cards”?

  17. Marilyn Lee Says:

    Do you sale the little ceramic blue figures you place in the graveyards when you get dirt?

  18. Paul Symons Says:

    I would like to buy a set of the Cartes de Visite but I saw the postage was $16 to the Netherlands. Can they be sent cheaper? Thanks, Paul

  19. admin Says:

    Hello Paul, yes, that is the postage for this weight class to NL

  20. Petunia Says:

    How would one interpret the cabinet cards for a reading?

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