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Thank you for your support! Ordering directly from this site will help fund the creation of the upcoming “Sister” tarot.
Order your signed borderless deck + exclusive bonus artist card:

$30 usd


(Photo courtesy of Donnaleigh de LaRose )


54 Responses to “SIGNED BORDERLESS Deviant Moon Tarot w/ARTIST CARD! EXCLUSIVE!”

  1. killer banshee Says:

    Excited about the new deck!

    Does the book come with it?
    If not where on your site
    can we buy the book?
    Or just where…

    Love the prints & Graveyard dirt we received recently.
    And gotta tell you that Castles in the Air in Berkeley
    is an awesome place for your decks to be carried —
    it is where we found the first deck.
    (Doing our best to support those whose artwork we love!)

    killer banshee

  2. admin Says:

    Hi banshee…book release will follow shortly…no date yet :) Thanks for supporting the deck!

  3. Kayla de both Says:

    Stoked!! Super excited to support the sister deck. AND companion book. Woooot!

  4. Jason Says:

    Hello – I definitely want to pre-order the deck but how much would postage to Australia be?

  5. gasai Says:

    Incredible! Do you have discount on volume purchase? I may need more than 10 :)


  6. admin Says:

    Hello gasai…yes, I can do a volume purchase of 10 at 25 usd each.

  7. admin Says:

    Hi Jason..postage to Australia would be 16.75 usd

  8. gasai Says:

    Sound great! Can you state me your Paypal email and the total cost to my mail? I will make the payment for over 10 decks ASAP! – gasai-

  9. Mr Lonely Says:

    Could I buy more than one deck? The “Buy Now” button seems just allow to add one deck only.

  10. Bettina Says:

    How much for shipping to Europa? Thanks :-)

  11. Quianna Says:

    Hello my name is Quia and I’ve been studying the tarot for a few years now. I wanted to get in touch with Patrick Valenza about his Deviant Moon Tarot deck. I’m about to write a book about how tarot combinations relates to each other, and I think his deck, Deviant Moon, would be a perfect illustration to help me express my views about the tarot. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

  12. Wynter Says:

    Hello Patrick,

    I was wondering how much postage to Germany was.

    Thank you and keep up the fantastic work!


  13. admin Says:

    Hello Wynter, postage to Germany is 16.75. Thank you! :)

  14. admin Says:

    Hello Bettina..postage to Europe is 16.75 usd :)

  15. admin Says:

    Hello, yes, you can buy multiple decks, but you will have to buy them one at a time :)

  16. Mr Lonely Says:

    I want to do volume purchases. Please give me your e-mail so that we could discuss more about the costs. Thank you.

  17. gasai Says:

    But can you quote the total price for 12 decks plus postage charge (to CA, USA) to my email (that I provide along with this comment) and your Paypal email? Then I will be able to make only one payment :D – gasai-

  18. Egor Says:

    Hi, I want to pre-order this deck but I need to know can you ship it to Russia? And how much does it cost?

  19. Roman Says:

    And what about Ukraine shipping?

  20. admin Says:

    Hello… shipping to Russia is 16.75

  21. admin Says:

    Hello… shipping to Ukraine is 16.75

  22. admin Says:

    Hello 10 decks at volume discount would be 250….Combined shipping to California would be 16.85 priority mail. (total 260.85) you can send a paypal payment to or I can invoice you.

  23. admin Says:

    Hell…where are you located?

  24. gasai Says:

    Yay! The payment will be sent next Monday! Nice weekend :D -gasai-

  25. admin Says:

    Hello again, Gasai…I misread your request…I see you want 12 decks, not 10….so that would be 310.85 total :)

  26. gasai Says:

    Payment was made :D – gasai-

  27. tinarrr Says:

    Just pre-ordered! Can’t wait to get this deck!


  28. Egor Says:

    Can i order the deck? Do you have available copies?

  29. Essence Says:

    I just ordered my copy! I can’t wait… I looked through so many decks and this is the only that called to me. Does it come with a book? or instruction describing the meaning of each card?

  30. Francesco Says:

    Payment made

  31. Cândido Ruiz Says:

    Can i order the deck? Do you have available copies?

  32. admin Says:

    Hello Candido…yes, I have decks available for now :)

  33. Isabella Vu Says:

    Just purchased my set! I have two questions. :)

    1. When will these ship out?

    2. Does each deck come with the instructional booklet?

  34. GypsyChique Says:


  35. lucembearer Says:

    Amazing deck! Do you ship it to Indonesia, too? Please say yes

  36. idit Says:

    Amazing artwork and deck. I have the original copies (not one!!! I love it so much and wanted to have for a life time)

    I wanted to find out if you offered any discount if four/five decks would be purchased at one go.

    Many thanks,

  37. idit Says:

    oh, dear almost forgot, what is the postage like to the UK for these four/five decks, maybe you could advise, thank you

  38. Christian and Crystal Lawrence Says:

    We received our signed borderless decks Saturday May 3, 2014 and they are awesome! Can’t wait for more decks! Your art is amazing and reflects the card meanings so bluntly yet perfectly! Thank you! Thank you! Christian and Crystal

  39. Maria Says:


    thanks very much for the deck. It is absolutely amazing. Fantastic artwork. Easy to read. Internet pictures do not do it any justice. And delivery was so fast too. Can’t wait for your new deck!

  40. Amanda sharp Says:

    I bought my first dev moon deck in 2011 it came with the small white booklet but I have heard that there is now a full companion book. How can I buy this?
    Many thanks
    Amanda Sharp

  41. Amanda sharp Says:

    I bought my first deviant moon tarot in 2010 it came with LWB. I have heard there is now a full companion book please tell me how to buy it?
    Thank you
    Amanda Sharp

  42. Amy Says:

    Hello Patrick,

    I adore the deviant moon tarot decks (with and without border)

    Are you goin to sell the chess set that was shown in your photo shoot? Where can I get one?

    Thanks :)

  43. jamie morris Says:


    I’m wondering if you have any of the bordered decks left available. I’d like to get one from you–and I’d like to make sure it has the card stock I’m after. I had a copy a couple of years ago (gave it away to a deserving friend) that had a sturdy stock with a matte finish. I loved that card stock!

    Just got the borderless version, and it’s a thinner, more plasticky stock, which I’m hoping to avoid when I replace my bordered version.

    Let me know if you have any tucked away!
    Thanks so much,

  44. admin Says:

    Hello Jamie….yes, I do have the bordered decks (Premier Edition)

  45. Kimberly Says:

    Looking for the downloadable guide for Trionfi della Luna… is a broken link….you may want to fix that on the next batch of decks! Thank you.

  46. Isabella Says:

    Hello!! I live in Brazil. Can i buy it????

  47. admin Says:

    Yes, we ship worldwide

  48. Isabella Says:

    I what the original print, the bordered one.
    Do you still have it? Please, if you already have, i heally whant it!

  49. admin Says:

    Hello Isabella…which print?

  50. chris Says:

    I just received my signed deviant moon deck and i love it! What is the deal with the 222 deck? This this a full deck that has not been released yet?

  51. Johana Says:

    hi, Do you still have in stock some tarot moon? and the price of $ 30 includes shipping?

  52. admin Says:

    Yes we have some left :)

  53. Victoria Says:

    I bought the pack of cards today (ordered from this website)
    I can buy the book belonging to this deck?
    I can not find it here on the website :-(

  54. Pepper Says:

    Hello, I’m very interested in the Deviant Moon companion
    book. Any idea when it might be released? Is it going to be
    a paper book or a digital book?
    Have I missed something? Please let me know and
    help my anxiety. :-)

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