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Thank you for your support! Ordering directly from this site will help fund the creation of the upcoming “Sister” tarot.
Order your signed borderless deck + exclusive bonus artist card:

$30 usd


(Photo courtesy of Donnaleigh de LaRose )


101 Responses to “SIGNED BORDERLESS Deviant Moon Tarot w/ARTIST CARD! EXCLUSIVE!”

  1. killer banshee Says:

    Excited about the new deck!

    Does the book come with it?
    If not where on your site
    can we buy the book?
    Or just where…

    Love the prints & Graveyard dirt we received recently.
    And gotta tell you that Castles in the Air in Berkeley
    is an awesome place for your decks to be carried —
    it is where we found the first deck.
    (Doing our best to support those whose artwork we love!)

    killer banshee

  2. admin Says:

    Hi banshee…book release will follow shortly…no date yet :) Thanks for supporting the deck!

  3. Kayla de both Says:

    Stoked!! Super excited to support the sister deck. AND companion book. Woooot!

  4. Jason Says:

    Hello – I definitely want to pre-order the deck but how much would postage to Australia be?

  5. gasai Says:

    Incredible! Do you have discount on volume purchase? I may need more than 10 :)


  6. admin Says:

    Hello gasai…yes, I can do a volume purchase of 10 at 25 usd each.

  7. admin Says:

    Hi Jason..postage to Australia would be 16.75 usd

  8. gasai Says:

    Sound great! Can you state me your Paypal email and the total cost to my mail? I will make the payment for over 10 decks ASAP! – gasai-

  9. Mr Lonely Says:

    Could I buy more than one deck? The “Buy Now” button seems just allow to add one deck only.

  10. Bettina Says:

    How much for shipping to Europa? Thanks :-)

  11. Quianna Says:

    Hello my name is Quia and I’ve been studying the tarot for a few years now. I wanted to get in touch with Patrick Valenza about his Deviant Moon Tarot deck. I’m about to write a book about how tarot combinations relates to each other, and I think his deck, Deviant Moon, would be a perfect illustration to help me express my views about the tarot. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

  12. Wynter Says:

    Hello Patrick,

    I was wondering how much postage to Germany was.

    Thank you and keep up the fantastic work!


  13. admin Says:

    Hello Wynter, postage to Germany is 16.75. Thank you! :)

  14. admin Says:

    Hello Bettina..postage to Europe is 16.75 usd :)

  15. admin Says:

    Hello, yes, you can buy multiple decks, but you will have to buy them one at a time :)

  16. Mr Lonely Says:

    I want to do volume purchases. Please give me your e-mail so that we could discuss more about the costs. Thank you.

  17. gasai Says:

    But can you quote the total price for 12 decks plus postage charge (to CA, USA) to my email (that I provide along with this comment) and your Paypal email? Then I will be able to make only one payment :D – gasai-

  18. Egor Says:

    Hi, I want to pre-order this deck but I need to know can you ship it to Russia? And how much does it cost?

  19. Roman Says:

    And what about Ukraine shipping?

  20. admin Says:

    Hello… shipping to Russia is 16.75

  21. admin Says:

    Hello… shipping to Ukraine is 16.75

  22. admin Says:

    Hello 10 decks at volume discount would be 250….Combined shipping to California would be 16.85 priority mail. (total 260.85) you can send a paypal payment to or I can invoice you.

  23. admin Says:

    Hell…where are you located?

  24. gasai Says:

    Yay! The payment will be sent next Monday! Nice weekend :D -gasai-

  25. admin Says:

    Hello again, Gasai…I misread your request…I see you want 12 decks, not 10….so that would be 310.85 total :)

  26. gasai Says:

    Payment was made :D – gasai-

  27. tinarrr Says:

    Just pre-ordered! Can’t wait to get this deck!


  28. Egor Says:

    Can i order the deck? Do you have available copies?

  29. Essence Says:

    I just ordered my copy! I can’t wait… I looked through so many decks and this is the only that called to me. Does it come with a book? or instruction describing the meaning of each card?

  30. Francesco Says:

    Payment made

  31. Cândido Ruiz Says:

    Can i order the deck? Do you have available copies?

  32. admin Says:

    Hello Candido…yes, I have decks available for now :)

  33. Isabella Vu Says:

    Just purchased my set! I have two questions. :)

    1. When will these ship out?

    2. Does each deck come with the instructional booklet?

  34. GypsyChique Says:


  35. lucembearer Says:

    Amazing deck! Do you ship it to Indonesia, too? Please say yes

  36. idit Says:

    Amazing artwork and deck. I have the original copies (not one!!! I love it so much and wanted to have for a life time)

    I wanted to find out if you offered any discount if four/five decks would be purchased at one go.

    Many thanks,

  37. idit Says:

    oh, dear almost forgot, what is the postage like to the UK for these four/five decks, maybe you could advise, thank you

  38. Christian and Crystal Lawrence Says:

    We received our signed borderless decks Saturday May 3, 2014 and they are awesome! Can’t wait for more decks! Your art is amazing and reflects the card meanings so bluntly yet perfectly! Thank you! Thank you! Christian and Crystal

  39. Maria Says:


    thanks very much for the deck. It is absolutely amazing. Fantastic artwork. Easy to read. Internet pictures do not do it any justice. And delivery was so fast too. Can’t wait for your new deck!

  40. Amanda sharp Says:

    I bought my first dev moon deck in 2011 it came with the small white booklet but I have heard that there is now a full companion book. How can I buy this?
    Many thanks
    Amanda Sharp

  41. Amanda sharp Says:

    I bought my first deviant moon tarot in 2010 it came with LWB. I have heard there is now a full companion book please tell me how to buy it?
    Thank you
    Amanda Sharp

  42. Amy Says:

    Hello Patrick,

    I adore the deviant moon tarot decks (with and without border)

    Are you goin to sell the chess set that was shown in your photo shoot? Where can I get one?

    Thanks :)

  43. jamie morris Says:


    I’m wondering if you have any of the bordered decks left available. I’d like to get one from you–and I’d like to make sure it has the card stock I’m after. I had a copy a couple of years ago (gave it away to a deserving friend) that had a sturdy stock with a matte finish. I loved that card stock!

    Just got the borderless version, and it’s a thinner, more plasticky stock, which I’m hoping to avoid when I replace my bordered version.

    Let me know if you have any tucked away!
    Thanks so much,

  44. admin Says:

    Hello Jamie….yes, I do have the bordered decks (Premier Edition)

  45. Kimberly Says:

    Looking for the downloadable guide for Trionfi della Luna… is a broken link….you may want to fix that on the next batch of decks! Thank you.

  46. Isabella Says:

    Hello!! I live in Brazil. Can i buy it????

  47. admin Says:

    Yes, we ship worldwide

  48. Isabella Says:

    I what the original print, the bordered one.
    Do you still have it? Please, if you already have, i heally whant it!

  49. admin Says:

    Hello Isabella…which print?

  50. chris Says:

    I just received my signed deviant moon deck and i love it! What is the deal with the 222 deck? This this a full deck that has not been released yet?

  51. Johana Says:

    hi, Do you still have in stock some tarot moon? and the price of $ 30 includes shipping?

  52. admin Says:

    Yes we have some left :)

  53. Victoria Says:

    I bought the pack of cards today (ordered from this website)
    I can buy the book belonging to this deck?
    I can not find it here on the website :-(

  54. Pepper Says:

    Hello, I’m very interested in the Deviant Moon companion
    book. Any idea when it might be released? Is it going to be
    a paper book or a digital book?
    Have I missed something? Please let me know and
    help my anxiety. :-)

  55. Marie-Christine Cote Says:

    Hi, I am ordering from Canada and would like to get the Deviant Moon Tarot in French version.
    Do you have it and can I order it from you or where can I order it from?

    Your drawings are fabulous…!


  56. admin Says:

    Hello Marie-Christine,

    Thanks for your kind message. There is no French version of the Deviant Moon, but you can always ask US GAMES about making one :)

  57. Michelle Says:

    Just got your borderless deck and love it!!! I was curious, however about the death card and why it was not labled like the others….What is the story behind that?

  58. Tracy L Gordon Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Deviant Moon Tarot. For thirty years I have used the Aleister Crowley Tarot, but I haven’t looked back since acquiring the Deviant Moon deck. The imagery is hauntingly visceral, and psychologically deep. I’m very pleased to have found them.

  59. Andronik Says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I would like to order a Deviant moon deck borderless to Europe, Hungary, Budapest. Could you tell me how much will be the delivery and how long does it takes? Can i track my parcel?
    What about the size of the deck cause as i found in the internet it has 2 sizes Big and normal one, is this one on your web page is the normal one or bigger one? Is there any option to choose one? Is there any book inside the deck?

    Thank you for your replay

    Waiting for it

    Best Regards…))

  60. admin Says:

    Hello, yes we ship to Hungary. We provide tracking, but once the package reaches Hungary it no longer tracks. SHipping is 16 for the signed borderless edition, You can order right through the paypal link Thank you for your support

  61. Gabika Says:

    I received my order today (Borderless, Paradoxical Purple & Arcani Maggiori) to Australia. I am delighted. You are an outstanding artist, Patrik!
    Thanks a lot.

  62. Vicky Says:

    I am really excited to receive my deck, but I ordered it two weeks ago and still haven’t received anything. Should I be worried? The tracking number was not provided when shipped to me in Montreal Canada.

  63. admin Says:

    Hi Vicky…The USPS tracking says it was delivered on Friday.

  64. Theresa Says:


    I placed my order for the Deviant Moon Companion Book and a limited edition c=
    ard set back in 8/24/15. I have yet to receive them.
    My paypal order number: 3CT95960J82161305 for the amount of $66.99
    Would you please let me know what the status of this order is at this point?=

    I just checked your website and I don’t see the limited card deck listed any=

    I look forward to your response.
    BTW, your email address is not working which is why I’m posting this here.

  65. admin Says:

    Hello…thanks for your patience. The Book is expected to be here about January 10th…just 37 more days. Your limited deck will ship along with the book. keep checking for updats :)

  66. Rob Plunkett Says:

    This is by far my favorite deck I have ever used. It has an energy I love and a stamina that works well with how I shuffle. (rough) I look forward to any deck made by Patrick Valenza. Honestly, I can’t say enough good about this deck.

  67. Ace in Space Says:

    Any plans to sell uncut sheets of the cards? IMO it would be a piece of art to hang on the wall after framing.

  68. admin Says:

    Hello,,,uncut sheets are rare, but they are available from time to time :)

  69. Ace in Space Says:

    I am on your newsletter list. Will I get an email notification when the uncut sheets are available? I would also be interested in when uncut sheets of other decks (e.g., Royal Mischief, etc.) Thanks.

  70. admin Says:

    Hi Ace…..we will have one on Saturday :)

  71. Siôn-marc Says:

    I have had the original deck for years, came to me from a friend in a very “Odd” but awesome twist of fate.
    Ive always loved them and the artwork is so surreal and beautiful in a dark way. Many thanks to Patrick for sharing these with us.

    Are the boarder-less ones still available please?

    Kindest regards.

  72. admin Says:

    THanks so much, Siôn-marc. Yes, we still have some borderless decks

  73. Josh Says:

    Your tarot deck is beautiful and I really want to buy directly from your website but shipping to London cost $70 :(
    Is this price quote correct?

  74. admin Says:

    Hi Josh…it should only be 25…

    However…we now use Global shipping through shipping to UK would only be 6.80 !

    Here is our link

  75. Josh Says:

    Awesome, thankyou so much!

  76. coldatlas Says:

    Im so seriously in need of another deck i have the original 78-card deck its amazing! I think so much of the time, work, and energy Valenza puts into his work! My name is Alex, Im 25 and If there is any way to contact Patrick via email can some one help me i have a question. Please email me at

  77. Donna Says:

    Is this signed deck still available, and if so, how much would the postage be to Australia?
    Thanks you, Donna

  78. saikat Says:

    I am interested to purchase borderless edition and Trionfi della Luna Majors decks but its showing 200$ for shipping to India. Something wrong with the purchase link ?

  79. Saikat Says:

    I am interested to purchase Deviant moon tarot deck and Trionfi della Luna purple edition but shipping to India, its showing 200$. something working with the purchase link ? please let me know what would be the shipping charges.

  80. admin Says:

    Hello…shipping to india for those two decks would be 25 usd…….You can request an invoice and make an order by sending an email to

  81. admin Says:

    Hello…shipping to AU is 25

  82. Victoria Says:

    Patrick and Family Valenza,
    Though is addressed to all of you because i know that every artistic production like this is not only a personal effort but an investment of the whole family. I purchased the Deviant Moon Tarot yesterday. I am purchasing the book in a few more days. I am sure that some of my questions will be answered when i have the book in hand which will lead to greater conversation but for now, here is what i would like to know. I am guessing that many people have found these images haunting, perhaps even something from nightmarish beginnings. What was your inspiration for these images? What internal workings did this creation enable you to work through? How do your kids respond?
    I was browsing through the cards this morning and my five year old started picking them up. My knee-jerk reaction, under normal circumstances, would have been to grab them all and tuck them away for fear of alarming her little eyes (or mind) but i decided to let her look. We talked about the images and i asked her if they were scary. She said, “oh no mommy, those don’t scare me.” Quickly bored, she turned her attention to something else. Can’t help but think she’s more equipped to face semi fearsome stuff as a result of that moment.
    Thanks for starting the conversation!

  83. Eleonora Says:

    Hello! Can I order borderless deck? Do you have available copies?
    How much will it cost to ship the deck in Russia, Saint Petersburg? And from any number of decks possible discount? With respect.

  84. admin Says:

    hello Eleonora..yes we ship to Russia all the time…shipping is 25 usd. We do give discounts for 10+deck orders.

  85. Brianna Says:

    This deck is amazing I immediately formed a conection with it, I wish I could say more but I cant find the words. Though after seeing all your work I would like to ask if you have any advice for someone publishing their first deck?

  86. Kevlar Spirit Says:

    Hello. Is the Above Signed Borderless Edition with Artist Card for $30 US still Available? Also, I clicked on the Add To Cart button and it just brings me straight to the Paypal paying section with only the button to ” Purchase” the deck, it doesn’t tell me anywhere how much S&H will be on top of the deck price. I Live in British Columbia Canada.
    Could you please assist me in locating how much the S&H would be for that deck, if its still Available.

  87. admin Says:

    Hello Kevlar…yes, the borderless decks are still available..I believe shipping to Canada is around 16 for that item.

  88. Natalya Says:

    Hello. Tell me please, whether delivery is possible in Russia? How can I make you order a deck? I must first register on the site here, and then make a payment? Thank you in advance

  89. admin Says:

    Hello Natalya…yes, we deliver to Russia all the time, but I would have to send you a paypal invoice…can you contact me at so I can get your info? Thanks, Luna

  90. Daniel Says:

    Hello! I wanted to double check to make sure the signed decks were still available. (I can’t imagine what that must be like for the artist! How devoted!) and I live in Tennessee. How long does shipping usually take?

  91. admin Says:

    Hello Daniel, yes we are still offering this special..shipping usually goes out the next morning…takes about 2-3 days to arrive across country :)

  92. Daniel Says:

    Thank you so much Admin! I’m soooo excited I just ordered the deck! I’ve been waiting for pay day haha. I can’t wait to get it I’m super stoked on the readings I’m going to get.

    Thanks again!!

  93. ATSarmo Says:

    Just ordered this yesterday. Next paycheck I will get the book.

    Thank you so much for creating this wonderful deck.

    Best wishes

  94. Carlie Says:

    Hey, i have a question, how much does the shipping to Mexico cost? I’m dying to buy this deck!! *w*

  95. admin Says:

    Hi Carlie, I believe offhand shipping to Mexico is about 20 usd

  96. Lola Says:

    Hi Patrick,
    This deck is absolutely incredible!!! Firstly, this deck was so infused with your energy and sigil (your signature magick) that its power could be felt when I opened the box. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and interpreting the cards isn’t difficult. The quality is excellent and the manual that’s included clearly gives the meanings but in fairytale style which I love. I’m so pleased that I made this investment and that I purchased it directly from you. Thank you for the added gift of your signed promo card from your 222 deck but there was an extra card in addition to that one from your Trionfi della Luna Deck. I know that it was an “accident” but thank you for that extra bit of magick and I hope that it is returned to you and yours.
    Take care,
    Lola ????

  97. admin Says:

    Thank you, Lola :)

  98. Staci Newring Says:

    Not understanding why my last three post have not been answered. I pre-ordered the new deck and never received it? Can someone please email to let me know what the status is or tell me who to call?

  99. admin Says:

    Hello Staci…we did reply to your posts…..please contact admin@deviantmoon w/ your transaction #

  100. admin Says:

    Staci..we have been trying to contact you for a month at with no answer. Paypal says your address listed is incorrect. Could you kindly contact us at admin@

  101. Lương Hoàng Says:

    Hi Patrick,
    Deviant Moon is my first deck, when I see these cards, I’m really impressive. However, when I see the hierophant card, I don’t know why he has 3 dots in his head and it like an iron head. Can you explain it? Thanks.

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