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…writing the companion…..

September 16th, 2012

…Spending some time in the cemetery today writing the Deviant Moon Companion Book….;)


….ideas for the book flow like spirits in the wind…..

..Hide & Seek with the Dead….

…..played in the graveyard all day….collected a few bottles of dirt by the gate…..left a nice gift for the gatekeeper in exchange….

4 Responses to “…writing the companion…..”

  1. Bonnie Cehovet Says:

    What better place to write the companion book! :)

  2. admin Says:

    Hi Bonnie…yes, it was very peaceful!

  3. Lela Says:

    i wish i had a cemetery in my backyard…(i’m not saying that i think this is your backyard. its just that these pictures gave me an epiphany.)

  4. Alam Says:

    It is rare that I can spend a quiet day in the graveyard, just thinking and dreaming….

    I envy you that, Mr. Valenza.

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