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Sketch-A-Day….day 1

July 31st, 2012

I have always known that one must draw EVERY DAY to improve skills……but I have never done it in all my years, until now. I vow to draw AT LEAST 60 minutes a day in my sketchbook, which is hard given how much time I am putting into the DM Companion book…but it is something I am commited to…….

DAY 1- “Bird Boy”

3 Responses to “Sketch-A-Day….day 1”

  1. Saiph Says:

    What a wonderful drawing, especially of the bird! Congratulations on the new commitment — you’ll have company shortly, as I’ve vowed to begin putting regular, daily time into my study subjects. *Good* discipline has great rewards, right? Here’s hoping! Happy inspirations to you.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks, Saiph! Good luck to you in your disciplines, as well!

  3. Alam Says:

    Am sending this to my Beloved. The quiet madness is very much like him.

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