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A Strange Equation!…

October 14th, 2017

A Strange Equation!...

The Asylum needs YOUR help!

We have recently stumbled across this perplexing mathematical formula tucked inside an antique text book from our abandoned school house.

We believe it is a message left behind from Mildred.

Are there any scholars out there with  ideas as to what this equation could mean?

Young Mildred is thought to have created her childlike yet fascinating oracle circa 1928 while a patient at Fenwood Asylum.

*(Her father committed her into the facility, believing her to be insane for talking with imaginary friends.)

While at Fenwood, Mildred never stopped contacting her “friends” with her handmade oracle.

*(Fellow inmates called her “Millie the Red Witch”)

Mildred kept her tiny deck hidden from authorities in a secret pocket.

*(Although her fate is unknown to this day, some think Mildred perished in the Great Asylum Fire of 1933. Others are convinced she started the blaze!)


In honor of this Mildred’s rediscovered deck, the Asylum is offering this

exclusive LIMITED EDITION reproduction for YOUR “Secret Pocket”!

54 Mini Sized cards (1.75” x 2.5” (44.45mm x 63.5mm))

Initial print run of only 150 decks!


$28 usd (Ships WORLDWIDE!)







Mildred, Age 9

The Asylum has uncovered further documentation on the early life of Mildred Payne.

In a recently discovered school photo dated 1922, Millie looks well kept and full of youthful zest.

It is hard for us to imagine what could have turned such a radiant young lady into a person feared throughout her community.

By all accounts, she was a friendly child, but grew more withdrawn as the years went on.

Some say she made “new” friends after the tragic death of her mother in 1926.

Although it’s purely conjecture, we believe these friends where not human……

The Great Asylum Fire of 1933

August 30th, 2017



In the Summer of 1933, a roaring blaze swept through the South Wing of our beautiful Fenwood Asylum.

Although the cause was never determined, many believed it to have been started

by inmate Mildred “The Red Witch” Payne after one of her frequent tantrums.




13 causalities were reported, including several horses trapped in a nearby stable.

The horse’s horrifying cries were heard that night by residents as far away as Eastbury.

Mildred Payne remains unaccounted for, and is presumed to have perished in the tragedy.




More than half of Fenwood was destroyed in the fire.

The charred ruins smoldered for more than a week afterwards.




The morning after the blaze, firefighters claimed to have discovered an unscathed doll lying among the soaked, blackened rubble.

When inquiries were made about the pristine doll, surviving inmates cowered in fright , claiming it was owned by non other than Mildred herself.

The only information retrieved was that the mysterious doll was known as Claire.




The ruins of the South wing today….

Autumn approaches……….

August 27th, 2017

Our darling Claire channels the spirit world with Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle.

Get your bewitching copy in time for fall in the posts below …………..

Just one of 30 frightening Cabinet Cards from the Cartes de Visite Collection


Back by popular request…Straight from the Asylum Attic!

Patrick Valenza’s haunting CARTES de VISITE

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30 disturbing cabinet styled cards measuring 2.75 x 4.75 inches

Wrapped and signed in silver on black funeral  paper






Shipping has BEGUN!

August 12th, 2017

Our minions have begun shipping Mildred’s Secret Pocket Oracle! ALL preorders will be out and in the mail on or before Aug 18th. You will receive a lovely email once your deck escapes the Asylum!

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