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Well, the BLacK CaT is out of the bag!

As you know, each Pre-Order of the signed Deviant Moon Companion Book comes with special bonus collectibles found ONLY from this site.

One of them happens to be

the 49th Card from the upcoming DEVIANT MOON ORACLE.

The Deviant Moon Oracle is a 48 card borderless deck——the extra 49th card is ONLY available with Pre-Orders of the DM Companion (While supplies last)


PREORDERS now OPEN for the long awaited Deviant Moon Companion Book!
This FULL COLOR 340 page HARDCOVER book took nearly 3 years to write and 2 years to edit and produce.

The book gives detailed stories behind each card as well as in depth upright and reversed meanings. It also explores behind the scenes and goes into the creation of the imagery. (Sketches and backstories GALORE!)

Each copy comes signed inside along with a unique ink moon doodle…..we also include other surprises you can only get from the Asylum :) (Let us know how you like the bonus stuff!)

*PLEASE NOTE—We are opening preorders early in anticipation of a huge surge in orders. Release date is estimated to be sometime between OCTOBER 15th and NOVEMBER 15th. We will email you once your book ships. (Book measures 8×10.5 inches and weighs a whopping 2.lbs!)

$45 usd (Ships Worldwide)

July 13th, 2015

Let’s get NAKED!

July 12th, 2015

Trionfi della Luna UNWRAPPED/UNSIGNED decks!

The Asylum is offering just 10 “naked” decks at an insane price! Each Trionfi Tarot deck comes shrink wrapped-That’s it! No wrapping, no signing–Bare as the day they were born! (How romantic!) This majors only deck comes w/22 trumps-6 bonus cards and an alternate Devil. 10 naked copies available!

Special offer-only $18.

New Release!

July 7th, 2015




All new insanely odd Playing Card Deck coming September 1st. Limited run of only 777. (Each deck boxed, numbered and signed)—–(Due to time constraints, we at the Asylum have decided NOT to make this a transformation deck as previously reported.) Preorders will take place early August…


July 6th, 2015

TRIONFI della LUNA Italian Text Edition

(22 Majors+6 bonus cards + 1 Alternate Devil wrapped in a signed old school wrapper!)

$24.95 usd

All NEW Trionfi della Luna Paradoxical Purple Edition. Limited printing of only 75 Royal Copies.

This Majors only deck comes with six additional bonus cards + an ALTERNATE DEVIL Card (30 cards in the pack)

You will also receive an exclusive DOUBLE SIDED Deviant Moon Spirit Board card!

Each collectible deck comes wrapped in metallic paper and is signed by creator Patrick Valenza.


Own this very unique tarot deck for only $24.99 (Ships worldwide)



Looks like the playing card deck will be a bit delayed, but for good reason….we have decided to make it a transformation deck which means MANY more illustrations to deal with! 
Stay tuned!

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