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Our tireless scientists have unearthed this newly released photo of Mildred Payne -Age 20. We strongly believe

this eerie shot was taken in her room the night of the great Asylum fire of 1933. It appears that Mildred is in some kind of nightmarish trance and in the midst

of casting a diabolical spell.  The back of the photo appears below and contains a written incantation that has yet to be deciphered.

Although this discovery leaves us with many new questions, we are baffled as to who (or WHAT) the photographer might have been…

Mildred Payne Glass Pendants

November 16th, 2017


Mildred Payne – Mystical Glass Pendant

~Wearable Witchy Energy!~

Only $18 usd each!

Ships Worldwide!


***PLEASE NOTE! If you would like to order a pendant AND you have ALREADY PREORDERED “Mildred’s Letter”,

we can add it to your order with NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING FEES!

Just drop us an email at w/ your

Paypal transaction # from your Mildred’s Letter preorder and we will send

you an invoice with NO additional shipping and include the pendant w/ your original order.

This offer is good UNTIL “Mildred’s Letter” ships starting on Nov. 22


New at Fenwood Asylum!

November 12th, 2017

Mildred’s Secret Pocket Oracle
Mildred’s Letter
Royal Mischief Playing Cards 2nd Edition

Spell Book Pages…..

November 12th, 2017

The professors here at Fenwood Asylum have put their latest discovery up for your approval! 2 pages removed from a spell book believed to have been created by Mildred Payne herself! Hand drawn original art! .
99 cent starting bid!

Mildred’s Letter……

November 10th, 2017

Mildred’s Letter Includes…

*13 previously unknown oracle cards to enhance your existing copy of Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle.
*An exact replica of the letter Mildred wrote to her doll, Claire on Halloween, 1933-(Right before the great Asylum Fire!)
*Lino-hand printed skulls on envelope
*A useful tool for contacting Mildred from Beyond……
*Full sheet of card meanings

Packs are running low..order in the posts below………………………………………

Tonight we operate on Claire.

The Asylum doctors are anxious to discover what Mildred is believed to have hidden inside her beloved doll.


With knife in hand, they prepare to make the first cut…


At last! We have found something inside!


It appears to be a small red envelope in pristine condition!


Inside the red envelope, we have uncovered a bizarre little note written to Claire from Mildred.

(The contents of the note have been censored for your protection!)


…And the GREATEST surprise of all…

Inside the envelope, our team has found

13 previously UNKNOWN cards belonging to Mildred’s Secret Pocket Oracle!


Unfortunately, we cannot reveal all the card images or the contents of Mildred’s letter online!

Instead, our team of trusted janitors will create a faithful reproduction of “Mildred’s Letter”

so you can resolve this mystery in the privacy of your own home!


***Original, full edition of Mildred Payne’s Secret Oracle REQUIRED for this exclusive add-on***

Mildred’s Letter Pack

Preorder (SHIPS NOVEMBER 22, 2017)

We will email you once your pack ships

Only $15 usd


Now available for preorder!

Patrick Valenza’s Royal Mischief Playing cards-


Fully indexed 54 card deck!

Order now in time for the holidays


Only $16.95 each




Young Mildred is thought to have created her childlike yet fascinating oracle circa 1928 while a patient at Fenwood Asylum.

*(Her father committed her into the facility, believing her to be insane for talking with imaginary friends.)

While at Fenwood, Mildred never stopped contacting her “friends” with her handmade oracle.

*(Fellow inmates called her “Millie the Red Witch”)

Mildred kept her tiny deck hidden from authorities in a secret pocket.

*(Although her fate is unknown to this day, some think Mildred perished in the Great Asylum Fire of 1933. Others are convinced she started the blaze!)


In honor of this Mildred’s rediscovered deck, the Asylum is offering this

exclusive LIMITED EDITION reproduction for YOUR “Secret Pocket”!

54 Mini Sized cards (1.75” x 2.5” (44.45mm x 63.5mm))


$28 usd (Ships WORLDWIDE!)







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